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Scroll Saw Patterns
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New Scroll Saw and Painting Patterns

New Scroll Saw and Painting Patterns

SLD455 - 12 Decoupage Bunny Ornaments
SLD456 - Self-Framing "Paris" Plaque
SLDK369 - Largemouth Bass Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDK370 - Hummingbird Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDK371 - Monarch Butterfly Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDKNHSET1 - Set of any 3 Wildlife Napkin Holders
Scroll Saw Class Booklet
SLDK364 - Bless Our Home Overlay Plaque
SLDK365 - Peace on Earth Overlay Plaque
SLD454 - "He Is Risen" Candle tray
SLD444 - Springtime Chicks Word Art
SLD452 - Cookie Cutter Animal Basket W/ Painting Instructions
SLDK362 - 10 Filigree Garden Critters
SLDK363 - Enter As Guests Welcome Plaque
SLD450 - Layered Springtime Basket
SLD451 - Marshmallow Bunny Basket W/ Basic Painting Instructions
PWF03 - Easter Egg Candle Tray/Mat and Ornies Painting Pattern
SLDK361 - Set of "Dream, Wish & Magic" Word Art
SLDK358 - "Dream" Stand-up Word Art
SLDK359 - "Wish" Stand-up Word Art
SLDK360 - "Magic" Stand-up Word Art
SLD442 - All My Love Keepsake Box
SLD443 - 12 Romantic Key & Lock Ornaments
SLDK354 - Ephesians 4:7 "Grace" Bible Passage Plaque
SLDK355 - Matthew 5:8 "Blessed" Bible Passage Plaque
SLDKBPSet1 - Set of 8 Bible Passage Plaques
SLDK357 - 12 Embellished Filigree Pendant Ornaments
SLDK356 - Fretwork Dessert Platter
SLD449 - 12 Little Ballerina Scroll Saw Ornaments
SLDP219 - 12 Tiny Dancer Ballerinas Painting Pattern
SLDK348 - Deer Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDK349 - Cardinal Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDK350 - Moose Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDK353 - Classic Collection "Expo" Basket
SLDK347 - Psalm 118:1 "Lord" Bible Passage Plaque
SLDK236 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Cardinal
SLD441 - Snowflake Damask Silhouette 1
SLD447 - Musical Note Ornaments
SLDK345 - Filigree Snowman Ornaments
SLDK341 - Happily Ever After Plaque & Picture Frame
PWF02 - Snowman Collector Painting Pattern
SLD429 - Gloria (Nativity) Candle Tray
SLD445 - 12 Traditional Damask Self-Framing Ornaments
SLD446 - 12 Petite Damask Ornaments
SLD430 - Nativity Christmas Box
SLDDASET1 - Set of 12 Damask Plaques
SLD434 - 3 Damask Songbird Silhouette Plaques
SLD435 - 3 Damask Kitty Silhouette Plaques
SLD436 - 3 Damask Butterfly Silhouette Plaques
SLD437 - 3 Damask Hummingbird Silhouette Plaques
Seasonal Showcase (Spring is Here!)

Seasonal Showcase (Spring is Here!)

Below are some featured projects, old and new, relating to the current season. With a growing number of designs on our site, we realize it can sometimes be hard to find what you are looking for. We hope this section will streamline the process for you and get you scrolling and painting sooner.

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