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  1. While one would think that the reason that I haven't been blogging regularly is due to things slowing down, usually the opposite is true. As always, I have several things 'on the go' at once and many times I just don't know what to do first. Add to this that the weather here in Nova Scotia has been just beautiful, and not only does that lend itself to outdoor projects (yard work, etc.) but also really makes me want to head to the beach for the day.  Our home is so close to the ocean, and in the past two years, I think I visited the beach ONCE.
  2. After a great deal of rain over the past several days, yesterday (the first day of summer) was the first day that we had a day filled with sunshine in what seemed like a long time. It seemed appropriate. 

    It also seemed appropriate that I was working on my new pattern that will include both the scroll sawn version as well as painting instructions for these cute and fun Summer Scatter Blocks (SLD537) that I showed as the 'woodworking version' in my last blog post:

  3. Since most of you are also creators and crafters, I am sure you understand the dilemma that we all have in finding enough time to finish all the projects we begin.

    For me, it is usually a matter of not having enough time to complete everything that I want to complete. I see a new project and attack it with great enthusiasm, then one thing or another comes along and pulls me away from it, and I don't know when I am able to return to finish.  Trust me when I say that it becomes even more difficult for someone like myself, who not only plays with many different types of media but whose job is designing new projects myself.
  4. Yesterday was a difficult day. Most of you who read or know me know how much I love kitties. Cats and kittens have always been such a big part of my life. Most of my life I have had at least one cat and most of the time more than that. To me, they aren't only pets but valued members of my family. 

    Many of you remember that this past December, I suddenly lost my dear feline friend Pancakes to illness. He had gone into surgery that was intended as 'exploratory' and never made it back.
  5. One of the best things about being a designer is that I get to 'hang around' other artistic and creative people. With all the negativity in the world these days, it is good to have a place to focus where only positive thoughts are allowed inside. That is how I treat my "Creative Place". 

    Because my Creative Place is not a physical location and more or less a state of mind, I can be there anytime I wish, any day of the week. I only have to shift my thinking a bit and I can bring myself to that spot where things are 'better' and I am calm and happy.
  6. After what seemed like a long, long time, I have finally completed the first (and largest and most complex) piece from Lynne Andrews' Inspirational Ark series! I can't express the wonderful sense of accomplishment that I feel right now. It isn't that the piece was particularly difficult or complex, but it has been painted at a time when I have been incredibly busy (ironically - from cutting ARKS for this series) and my part of our business was somewhat being re-shaped and turning in a new direction.
  7. What a beautiful and busy weekend we had! 

    There is something about the nice weather that just makes us want to 'do' things, isn't there? Even though Friday was a rather dark and dreary day, with heavy rain for most of the day, things calmed down by the evening and both Saturday and Sunday were warm, sunny and picture-perfect!  We couldn't have asked for better!  I was actually rather happy for the rain on Friday, as it gave all the flowers and plants that I just put in a chance to settle.
  8. I'll begin today's post with some news that I just found out. My photos source for all my blog posts (Image Box) just informed me when I signed in that it is "closing" as of June 30th. Even though I haven't been blogging much lately, I used to do so just about every day, so you can imagine the number of photos that I have stored there. What it will mean to you, my readers is that when you go to my older blogs, the images that use that address (all except will not have any photos.
  9. As I try to achieve my goal of getting back to blogging more often, I wonder if showing you all the piles of wood that I cut interests you all. I wonder if they all begin to look the same to you or if it is really something that you enjoy seeing. Since much of my time these days has been spent on production work and filling orders for decorative painters, I find that if I don't show the piles, I sometimes don't have a great deal new to say here. However, I know that many of my followers are woodworkers and aspire to do some type of production work, so I thought that from time to time you don't mind seeing what fills my days lately.
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