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After Monday night's power outage, things got back to normal rather quickly. I spent the next day finishing up the outstanding orders that I had and getting everything boxed up and ready to ship out the door. I worked at a very relaxed pace and enjoyed packaging everything up. Among the orders was another one of my SLDPK238 Halloween Haunted Carousel kits, which is one of my favorite things to sell. I think of the people who are receiving the items and I really do take a lot of care and pride in the quality of what I am providing them. It was a good night. 

By the time I was finished, it was nearly midnight. I couldn't believe how quickly the time passed for the evening. Keith was at his mom's for the night and it was just me and the cats and some nice classical music. I felt happy and accomplished when I  sat down to unwind. 

As you can imagine, it took a little time to settle down. I played a bit on the computer and visited with some friends through chatting. One good thing about living in the Atlantic time zone is that when it is late here, it is earlier where many of my friends live, so there always seems to be someone up and about no matter what the hour. Many of my friends are 'night owls' too, and it is always nice to catch up with them after a busy day. 

Around 2am I was finally sleepy enough to go to bed. As I was tending to the cats for the last time of the evening and once again, the power went out.  

While I was heading to bed anyway, I didn't think that things would affect me very much. But the night was rough. The cats were crazy. It was very cold and dark, and the power kept returning and shutting off again, waking me up several times. 

Long story short, we didn't have power until after 8am. I was so exhausted from being up all night I want back to sleep until 11am - unheard of for me. 

My day was short and I was moving slow, so I kept things rather low key. I was able to work on my "Day 2" of my "12 Days of Christmas" ornaments and make some progress. They looked pretty good in the daylight. (I was slightly worried after painting in the dark the day before)

I am on to the hand lettering of them, and hopefully will finish this batch over the weekend and have them in the mail by Monday. Today I am cutting more ornaments for customers. It will be a good day. 

I am keeping this short today so I can get moving. The power was flickering again last night so I hope it stays on today. I really need to get work done on these. :) 

Happy Thursday to you all! 


  1. Lynn Barbadora on February 4, 2016 at 10:20 AM said:
    Sheila as always fabulous work . Thank you for bringing the group together to paint these wonderful ornaments! For me the most tedious part of this project will be the lettering. Over the years I've had 2 serious injuries to my right hand (dominant) . A broken thumb and a serious tear to the cartilage in my wrist. While I have no problem holding my brush to paint , believe it or not my handwriting which was never good to begin with has suffered, My "pincher" grasp thumb and pointer finger are awful.......I may need to "hire you" to letter mine! bahahahaha!!!!!
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