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My Journey as a Creative Designer

I encourage comments from everyone!  Due to software restrictions, all comments need to be approved before showing.  I will check several times a day to approve comments and answer questions.  Enjoy the posts! This blog is cross-posted in several locations. If you wish to see my older blog posts, they are all archived at

I am a sucker for nostalgia. It seems the older I get, the more I enjoy seeing things that remind me of  'days gone by'. It isn't as if I want to live in the past, but I think that those old fashioned items bring back many of the memories that I associate with them.  Memories of people and places and perhaps times when I had a bit less responsibility and life (for me, anyway) was a little simpler. It is somewhat comforting seeing these things and remembering. 

The other day when I was at a Winners store near me, I saw (and ultimately purchased) a foil-covered Easter Bunny piece. I had remembered items like this from my youth and I thought it would make a wonderful centerpiece for my spring table. there were some other foiled items as well, but they were a bit pricey. I thought the splurge on the bunny was all my pocketbook could handle at the moment, and was happy with that. 

Yesterday I sat down to work on my next couple of projects that I had been showing you the past few days. When I pulled out my supplies, I found that I had an extra box of faux eggs that I had intended to repaint and use for my own decorating. This box was pre-colored, but the colors were rather 'blah' and I thought I would be able to figure out something much nicer. To my dismay, many of them had cracked and they looked even worse. I was ready to throw them out:

Then I had an idea . . . 

What if I covered them in foil like my new bunny and used them that way?  I think that would be pretty cool!  But I didn't want them all silver, I wanted them to be in pretty colors to match my new bunny. 

I thought about all the different kinds of paint that I had here and in searching through my supplies, I came across my DecoArt Glass Stains. They would be PERFECT for this project! Not only are they semi-transparent, but they are also made to adhere to slick, non-porous surfaces (like the foil!) and should work well. I crossed my fingers and got started 'playing' . . . 

I cut a piece of foil a bit larger than the egg. I GENTLY crumpled it and uncrumpled it to give it some texture and laid the egg in the center:

I then got out my bottle of Aleen's Tacky Glue. I knew I needed something that was thick and had some body to it so the foil would sitck. 

I covered all sides of the egg with the glue (the crack in it wouldn't even matter!) :

. . . and I spread it around the egg using first an old paint brush, and then I figured that it was easier just to use my fingers. (No pictures of that - I didn't want glue on my camera!)  I left the glue semi-thick so that it could 'grab' the foil. 

I then gently rolled the egg in the foil and cut off the excess. I didn't want lumps in the egg. There were a couple of places that I cut a little 'short' where I saw the egg sticking out, but I just put some glue on a small, irrigular piece of foil and patched the hole. You would never be able to tell where that was! 

I then rolled the egg on a hard surface to flatten the foil as much as possible:

This also helped the glue stick. After letting it 'dry' for a bit (about an hour) I went back and made sure there were no loose 'flaps' where the foil overlapped. If there were, I gently cut them again with sharp scissors. If need be, I added little patches where the foil shifted, but this wasn't necessary except in a few places. 

Once the six eggs I covered were dry, I was ready to add color. I picked six pretty colors of the DecoArt Glass Stain to use. For my project, I used the transparent ones:

I simply used my deerfoot stippler to tap on the color. I loved the effect! Even the 'darker' colors looked pretty and bright!

(HINT: You can always add another coat after the first is dry if you want more intense color!) 

I used a variety of colors and I was THRILLED with the effect. Even the ugly, broken eggs had new life added to them! 

I then had ANOTHER idea . . . 

What if I tried to cover my SLDPK211 Bunny Ornament Cutout using the same method??  

It WORKED!!!! It took a little more trimming and patching around the detailed areas, but was not hard at all! :D 

While it kind of side tracked me from my task at hand, I felt this was a wonderfully productive day!  I changed a piece of damaged 'trash' to a pretty 'treasure' and gave it new life!

I am so excited about this because it has the three elements of a successful project - Easy, cost effective and BEAUTIFUL!

Here is a photo of my new eggs and bunny with the bunny I had purchased:

Don't they look spectacular together???

I suppose I can mention that you may want to spray the pieces with a GLOSS clear coat if you like. I didn't spray mine yet because I wanted them to dry overnight. I imagine you would just need a light coat for protection. 

Thank you to DecoArt for offering so many amazing products!  I am really beginning to think you have 'something for everything'!!  

Now on to completing my new surfaces and patterns as I intended to do yesterday.  I wonder what other surprises I will think of  while doing them?  I guess you will have to check back . . . .

Happy Friday to you all! 



  1. Lynn on February 12, 2016 at 10:13 AM said:
    I just love how those came out!
  2. Amy Joanne Mogish on February 12, 2016 at 10:58 AM said:
    Love this Sheila....I love how you play with your decoArt products to create new ideas for awesome pieces!
  3. Nancy R on February 12, 2016 at 11:07 AM said:
    They all look Amazing Sheila!!...Such a wonderful and creative idea and Fun!!!.... Always look forward to your creative ideas each day!! ;-)
  4. Jim Cameron on February 12, 2016 at 11:13 AM said:
    WOW what a transformation. Well done.
  5. shelia on February 12, 2016 at 11:23 AM said:
    These are beautifully done. So creative. Love your work! Just wondering if the alchol inks would work on these? Keep up with the great ideas and please share. Friends, Shelia V.
  6. Toodie on February 12, 2016 at 11:26 AM said:
    these are so cute. thank you so much for sharing.
  7. Sue Stone on February 12, 2016 at 12:33 PM said:
    They are darling ....and I even have some of the glass stain that I have never used. Wonderful idea!
  8. Sheila Landry on February 15, 2016 at 9:07 AM said:
    Thank you all for your nice comments! I thought it was a fun thing to do and had lots of possibilities. I am glad you like the tutorial and hope you give it a go! :)
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