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Sometimes I feel as if I have triplets. In a way, I do. (Or even quadruplets or quintuplets - depending on how you look at it!) There are just so many aspects of creating that I enjoy, that it is difficult to stick to only one medium.  I love painting and drawing, but I also love embroidery and woodworking as well. Then there are paper craft and even sewing. I have so many ideas that cross over into other areas that it is hard to decide which ones I want to do at any given moment. I want to do them ALL! 

I suppose there could be worse habits . . . 

I do find comfort in that most people I know who are creative are similar. Seldom do I find someone who chooses only one way to be creative. It does happen though, and I feel that is fine, but I think that seeing that there are others around who are just as crazy and multi-faceted as I am in choosing which medium to use to be creative is comforting. I am not that weird or strange after all. 

I really think that loving many types of creating is one reason why I always seem so full of ideas. There always seems to be "something" that I just can't wait to create. And jumping from painting to drawing to scroll sawing to needlework not only keeps me busy, it makes me happy as well. I love each type of designing and I am always anxious to start my new project(s). I think it really keeps it fun and exciting, and I hope it shows in my work. 

This week, I designed some new scroll saw patterns that I hope will be fun and versatile. I had someone suggest that I make more small towel holders like the SLD106 Moose Towel Holder that I created several years ago. I loved that this design was not only functional, but also didn't take a week to make and was very versatile as well. So I went to work and created a few different versions of this little towel holder that I hope everyone will enjoy. 

The three variations that I initially came up with are as follows:

SLD524 - Deer Towel Holder pattern:

SLD525 Bear Towel Holder pattern:

and SLD526 Elk Towel Holder Pattern:

(All three links will work once I post the product on our site later on today)

But as usual - I am trying to give a little something 'extra' in the patterns. Each pattern will include THREE different types of 'arms' for the towel holders - a deep set (shown), a shallow set and also a slotted set so that they can use these little towel holders to hold paper towels.  Each pattern packet will also include the instructions and line work for a matching plaque. This will make these designs usable for a larger variety of applications and hopefully will give additional value to my customers. 

They are fun to cut and easy to assemble and I think they came out really nice. Today I am finishing up the instructions and making the packets and they will be available on the website by this evening. We also plan to send out our newsletter today as well. It will be a busy day for us. 

It is beautifully sunny, albeit a bit cold today. The snow from yesterday is once again a memory and it looks more like spring out there than winter. What a strange year for us!  

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and are able to spend some time to do something creative. I always find myself happier when I am 'making things' and I hope you all enjoy that as well. Have fun, relax, and enjoy yourself. Life is too short to do otherwise. 

Happy Friday to you all! 

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