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Am I getting lazy?  It seems that I haven't finished posting my blogs as early as I usually do lately. I have been sleeping in a little later than usual these past couple of days because I feel that I am getting a slight cold. Keith has had the start of it all weekend and we jokingly call it "Man Sick" because we know that no illness that a woman could ever have could be so terrible so it deserved its own name. But now it seems that the Man Sickness has come to me and I am going to do my best to fight it off. If I have to be a bit lazy - so be it. In the long run it will make things better. 

I spent the weekend catching up on orders and having some fun. We got our update to our site finished on Friday and all the patterns were posted. I couldn't wait to get at some new designing that I wanted to work on. I had some orders to do over the weekend and spent most of Saturday leisurely cutting wood. I like when I am not pressed for time and even though I can do production work fairly quickly, it was a nice change to just relax and cut. 

By the time I was finished with everything for the evening, I wasn't in the mood to work on my own designs. But I wanted to do something. It was easier for me to pick up my embroidery piece by Di van Niekerk which I am calling "Every Flower has a Soul" and work on that. As usual, I got lost in it and I actually managed to complete Panel 3. 

I really like how it turned out, and I learned another stitch for the little flower pots - the Whipped Spider Web stitch. In creating it, you actually 'weave' the little basket using a single strand of silk thread. The outcome is a pretty little ribbed basket that looks really nice. :) 

The flowers in the panel Lillies, which are creating using organza ribbon, (The buds are organza stitched over silk, which allows the yellow to show through the sheer organza.)

The second set of flowers are Narcissis. I had stitched them with one layer of silk ribbon and felt they looked flat and unimpressive, so I did them again with a second layer, which gave them the fuller, puffier look that I wanted. I was glad I took the extra effort! 

All of the leaves are created using silk ribbon. I was especially proud of the wired stem on the Lily, but you can't see it much once all is done. I had stitched it with a Detatched Blanket stitch using one thin strand of silk thread. It took a while, but came out perfect. :) 

The final character for this panel was a tiny ladybird. The picture is pretty close, but it was stitched in a Padded Satin Stitch using a single strand of silk. I added little Piston Stitch antenna. I think it came out cute! :)

I realized only now that I need to put some Seed Stitches for the ground. I will do that next time. 

I love the dimension of this type of embroidery, don't you?  

On Sunday I finished my orders and did begin a new project. This will be a 'multi-media' project experiment that I will be creating. I am taking the same idea and making a stitched picture of it, as well as a painting and a scroll saw pattern. (Something for EVERYONE!)  

I began the stitching version last night using my pretty silk colors by Valdani Threads. They have beautiful products and I think when I create my kits, I will use all the specialty threads from them.  They are all hand-dyed and colorfast, which is a definite plus. :) 

I hope you will enjoy seeing this next series of projects materialize. I always think of things in so many different media types that it isn't always easy for me to decide which direction to head. There is no law saying I can't do something in multiple methods, is there?  It will be fun to see how they all come out. 

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Happy Monday to you! 

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