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My Journey as a Creative Designer

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As I sit here this morning, trying to decide what to write, I realize how much we have accomplished in the past several weeks. I hope that I am not being tiresome talking about our moving adventures, but for Keith, the kitties and myself, it has been a life consuming event for the past several months. Not only from the day nearly three weeks ago when we finally brought the cats (and the coffee pot) to our new place here, but it has been on our minds for many, many weeks before that. We had first come to see this house early in March, and from the time we did that, we knew this is where we wanted to live. Both Keith and I had our own  personal visions of how we want our personal (as well as shared) spaces to be. From that point on it has taken a great deal of planning to make it into reality.

I haven't shown a lot of pictures lately, because we are still awaiting the five large pieces of furniture that we had made for us. We were fortunate enough to find a furniture maker in New Minas (about a 2 hour drive from our home) and we commissioned him to make these pieces to our specifications.  We liked the quality of his work from what we saw at his shop, and felt that we would get something far better than items that were ready-made at a furniture store. We also felt good supporting a local business, as he had just opened his shop in town. By getting to him just a week after he opened his store, we were able to have him begin the job fairly soon. 

Everything was made to order to fit into our home as well as fit our needs. I have two large pieces coming for my office/studio that will accommodate most of my supplies that I use daily. We have two large sideboard pieces for the dining area as well, as we want to store both kitchen items as well as some shipping supplies there. We do much of our packing of orders at the kitchen table and the printer will be right near there. (I will be showing that set up soon.)  

Finally, we ordered a large cabinet for our laundry/mud room that will hold various cleaning supplies and our winter coats. We do have a large closet in that room though so we may change things up a bit on that. We will have to see when the pieces arrive and we are finally settled. We hope to get them all sometime this week. 

Yesterday was spent doing for the most part, odds and ends. We cut the power for most of the day as we replaced many of the wall switches and outlets. I did some laundry and finally got my summer clothes out of storage (yes - in mid-July!) and washed them and hung them on the clothes line. That is something that I really enjoy - having a clothes line. It has been years since I have had that available to me and I have a really nice set up here with a huge pole in the back of the property. I just love how things smell after hanging on the line to dry. No packaged product can match that. Sometimes it is the simple things that make us happy. 

I have designs in my head, but they are still incubating into projects. In the mean time, I decided that I will be working on my "Day 6" of Lynne Andrews' 12 Days of Christmas ornaments. I am a month behind and need to make it up if I am keep on schedule for this year. It is a great 'fill in' project for me to do when I am undecided or in between my own projects. Each piece is more wonderful than the last. (You can join my group 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments by Lynne Andrews on Facebook and see all the beautiful variations that others are making on them and watch our progress.) 

I can't wait to begin my own projects, but I think it may be a day or two before I start. I am still working on some things in my head and deciding which direction to go. It may sound odd, but first I need to get into a working routine again. But it is coming. . . .

So we are settling in nicely, I think. 

As I looked at my desk this morning and I feel very fortunate. 

The vision of how I wanted my office has slowly been realized. While there are still two small piles of boxes of supplies sitting near me in that room, I get just a little closer every day to being settled. Sometimes baby steps are the best way to approach things. 

It isn't always easy to make the transition from being in high gear to being creative. That is one thing about my job that some may not understand. We can't just 'make' ourselves create. It needs to come on its own. By forcing ourselves into doing something that we aren't ready for, I feel that the result is not really optimal. It is best to wait and once again be patient. It will come. 

As I looked around me yesterday morning, I saw my three kitties looking like this:

They are in pretty much the same positions right now as I write this morning. After the trauma of changing their own environment completely, they are finally seem more comfortable and I do believe they are happier. There is so much more room and so many more windows to peer out of. So much more to explore, too. While the initial change was a shock to them, as it is to us, they are also finding their own routines and settling in nicely. Perhaps I could learn a thing or two from them.

I suppose the theme of today's post is to allow things to take their own time and respect the time change takes. Immediate comfort in a new environment rarely happens in real life. That is more something that occurs in the movies. Feeling comfortable and happy comes with time and familiarity, usually only after there is some time to settle in. But once it does come, it is very much worth the change. Be kind to yourself and allow it to happen. 

I wish you all a wonderful day today. Happy Wednesday to you!

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