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My Journey as a Creative Designer

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(Before anyone gets upset - This is just a fun story!) 

I awoke this morning just as I did any other 'normal' day. It wasn't quite daylight yet and the sun was just beginning to peek over the eastern horizon. As it gently but persistently began to illuminate the morning sky, I knew it was time to begin my day. 

I openend my bedroom door to see what my cat, Richard had left me today. Lately, for the past week or so, he has been depositing my little knit Pusheen toy at the threshold to greet me each day. It is his way of telling me he loves me and I found it quite endearing. 

Prior to this new ritual of leaving the Pusheen toy, on occasion he brought his stuffed kitty he sleeps with to share. But since he discovered the little Pusheen that was given as a gift to me a week or so ago, it has been his 'gift of choice'.

Richard is somewhat odd like that. In many ways, he is very - um - "doglike" in his actions. He is definitely the smartest of my three cats (don't tell the others I said that) and has a good grasp of language and understanding. In all of my years with cats, I have never felt that I connected as much as I do with him. 

Richard has always loved stuffed animals and toys. In the 'old days' I used to have a 12" large stuffed snail (Gary - from the "Spongebob" cartoon) that my kids had given me. When I lived alone in Digby, I would sometimes find it 'out' or in different rooms than I had it. This struck me as odd, as there was no one else in the house that would move it. Sometimes it would be in the middle of the kitchen floor when I awoke in the morning. I must say, it creeped me out. But then one day, I saw Richard dragging it across the house in his mouth. Richard is a cat of 'normal cat size' and the toy was actually larger than him, so you could imagine my amazement seeing the large snail moving quickly across the room. It is definitely something that I wouldn't have believe had I not seen it with my own eyes. From that point on, I believed anything was possible as far as Richard goes. 

So this morning when I opened the bedroom door and saw "The Kitty", I just though that Richard was mixing it up. He sleeps with the kitty on the daybed lately and maybe he was too lazy to venture to my desk to grab the little Pusheen. 

But when I came downstairs to start my day, I found that little Push was missing! Her usual spot at Frankie's feet was empty and she was simply gone!

I am kind of embarrassed to admit the amount of time I spent this morning hunting for her. She is nowhere to be found. It isn't as if we have lots of places where she could be hidden. Things are neat here and there are no piles or places for her to hid. I am truly baffled. 

As I look over to the daybed, I see that Richard had a 'look' on his little furry face. His "Kitty" won't even look me in the eye:

Coco and Pancakes are acting as if nothing happened, and to be honest, their only concern was their early morning meal. I doubt that they were involved. (I seriously don't know if they have the 'brain power' to pull something like this off.) 

"The Kitty" is another story . . .

He looks a bit too smug to me.

Jealously can be a powerful motive. Especially among the stuffed-toy community. I am thinking that The Kitty's blue eyes (for the moment at least) turned quite a shade of green, as little Pusheen became Richard's gift of choice to me these past few days. However, because of The Kitty's limited mobility, I have to theorize that this had to be a conspiracy between both The Kitty AND Richard. It is at this point quite baffling to me. 

Crimes of Passion. 

They are real. 

I will definitely keep you all posted on the status of the investigation. I hope that no harm has come to Little Pusheen. My desk looks a bit empty without her. 

On other news today, I wanted to show you all Keith's new plaque for Halloween:

I love this welcome sign! It is cool and classy and came out just lovely! You can get the pattern here - SLDK690 - Trick or Treat Welcome Sign - on our site. 

It is another brisk morning here in Nova Scotia. The trees are really beginning to show some color and there is a definite layer of frost on the cars and grass each morning. But for the last several days, these cool mornings warm up to some simply beautiful afternoons. 

I will be drawing today, as I had began some designs and then I wound up scrapping them and starting over. Yes - that happens to all of us. What we are seeing in our heads doesn't always translate to paper perfectly. But I think I am on the right track now and I hope to have something to show you tomorrow. It has been quite a busy week and I have accomplished a great deal even though there seems as if I have little to show for it. Sometimes the 'mental work' is the most productive. 

After going through my first four hours of the day yesterday thinking it was Tuesday (It was WEDNESDAY!) I am pretty certain on the day of the week today. I wish you all a good day and hope you have a fun and creative one. Hopefully I will find my Little Pusheen and my mystery will be solved. 

Happy Thursday to you all! 
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