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Self Framing Plaques
SLDKLBSET2 - Set of any 6 Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Wildlife Patterns
SLDKLBSET1 - Set of any 3 Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Wildlife Patterns
SLDK396 - Self-Framing Love Always Plaque
SLDK333 - Self-Framing 'Olde Christmas' Fretwork Plaques
SLDK328 - Self-Framing Gone Golfing Plaque
SLDK311 - Self-Framing "Believe" Cross
SLDK237 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Raccoons
SLDK236 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Cardinal
SLDK235 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Osprey
SLDK234 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Canada Goose
SLDK233 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Lynx
SLDK232 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Whitetail Deer
SLDK231 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Grouse
SLDK230 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Monarch Butterfly
SLDK229 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Roe Deer
SLDK228 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Screech Owl
SLDK227 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Kodiak Bear
SLDK226 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Wolves
SLDK225 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Moose
SLDK224 - Self-Framing Filigree Cross Plaque
SLDK211 - Self-Framing Gone Fishing Carp
SLDK210 - Self-Framing Gone Fishing Sturgeon
SLDK209 - Self-Framing Santa with Reindeer
SLDK208 - Holly Ornaments and Self-Framing Mini Plaques set 2
SLDK207 - Holly Ornaments and Self-Framing Mini Plaques set 1
SLDK206 - Self-Framing Filigree Heart Plaque
SLDK204 - Self-Framing Rearing Horse
SLDK203 - Self-Framing Smallmouth Bass
SLDK196 - Self-Framing Gone Fishing Trout
SLDK194 - Self-Framing Gone Hunting Deer
SLDK193 - Self-Framing Gone Hunting Pheasant Plaque
SLDK192 - Self-Framing April Showers Overlay Plaque
SLDK191 - Self-Framing Elk
SLDK190 - Self-Framing Wolves
SLDK189 - Self-Framing Let it Snow Overlay Plaque
SLDK184 - Self-framing Santa
SLDK182 - Self-Framing American Eagle
SLDK181 - Self-Framing Wild Horses
SLDK172 - Self-Framing "End of Trail" Plaque
SLDK168 - Self-Framing Kokopelli
SLDK160 - Self-Framing Sun and Moon
SLDK159 - Self-Framing Green Man
SLDK116 - Self-Framing Gothic Cross Pattern
SLDK105 - Self-Framing Fretwork Cross
SLDDASET1 - Set of 12 Damask Plaques
SLD456 - Self-Framing "Paris" Plaque
SLD441 - Snowflake Damask Silhouette 1
SLD437 - 3 Damask Hummingbird Silhouette Plaques
SLD436 - 3 Damask Butterfly Silhouette Plaques
SLD435 - 3 Damask Kitty Silhouette Plaques
SLD434 - 3 Damask Songbird Silhouette Plaques
SLD401 - I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat Plaque
SLD370 - Holiday Ribbon Self-Framing Ornament and Mini-Plaque Set 2
SLD369 - Holiday Ribbon Self-Framing Ornament and Mini-Plaque Set 1
SLD311 - Butterfly Oval Self-Framing Plaque or Frame
SLD271 - Self-Framing Pintail Duck Plaque
SLD270 - Self-Framing Mallard Duck Plaque
SLD263 - Set of all 8 Seasonal Songbird Plaques
SLD262 - 2 Seasonal Songbird Self-Framing Plaques - Spring
SLD261 - 2 Seasonal Songbirds Self-Framing Plaques - Winter
SLD260 - 2 Seasonal Songbird Self-Framing Plaques - Autumn
SLD256 - Self-Framing Deer Plaque
SLD253 - 6 Self-Framing Hummingbird Mini-Plaques
SLD252 - 6 Self-Framing Butterfliy Mini-Plaques
SLD251 - 2 Seasonal Songbird Self-Framing Plaques - Summer
SLD238 - Cardinal and Robin Mini-Plaques Pattern
SLD237 - Blue Jay and Sparrow Mini-Plaque Pattern
SLD236 - Self-Framing Monarch Butterfly Plaque Pattern
SLD222 - Self-Framing Swallowtail Butterfly Plaque Pattern
SLD202 - Self-Framing Loons on the Lake Plaque Pattern
SLD127 - Self-Framing Scroll Saw Rose Plaque
SLD126 - Self-Framing Ballerina Plaque Pattern
SLD125 - Self-Framing Hummingbird Plaque Pattern
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