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Uncategorized Patterns
SLDKNHSET1 - Set of any 3 Wildlife Napkin Holders
SLDK371 - Monarch Butterfly Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDK370 - Hummingbird Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDK369 - Largemouth Bass Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDK350 - Moose Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDK349 - Cardinal Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDK348 - Deer Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDK318 - Sea Sand & Sun Wall Plaques
SLDK304 - 6 Filigree Sea Life Plaques and Ornaments
SLDK178 - Dragon Book Ends
SLDK119 - Fretwork Planter Scroll Saw Pattern
SLD453 - 12 Hare Garden Markers (Scroll Saw Pattern w/ Optional Painting Instructions)
SLD448 - Vintage Bunny Pull Toy Replica
SLD428 - Crow and Pumpkin Pull Toy Replica
SLD419 - "O Canada" Calendar Topper Add-On Pattern
SLD400 - Slotted Display Easels for Ornaments and Plaques
SLD388 - Kitty Silhouette Chalkboard and Eraser
SLD386 - Happy Birthday Calendar Topper Add-On Pattern
SLD383 - Calendar Topper and Overlays
SLD381 - Grizzly Bear Chalkboard and Eraser
SLD371 - Polar Bear Pull Toy Replica
SLD363 - Letters for Scrolling - Carilynn
SLD362 - Letters for Scrolling - Rebecca
SLD361 - Letters for Scrolling - Elise
SLD357 - Fiona Cat Halloween Pull Toy Replica
SLD350 - Antique Grizzly Bear Pull Toy Replica
SLD349 - Antique Horse Pull Toy
SLD257 - Victorian Skaters Silhouette
SLD242 - Classic Candy Dispenser Pattern Packet
SLD241 - Animal Cookies Ornaments, Magnets and Pins Pattern Packet
SLD201 - Floral Dragonfly Overlay Thermometer Fretwork Pattern
SLD143 - Running Horses Hat Holder
SLD142 - "Time for a Walk" Dog Leash Holder Pattern
SLD132 - "Teatime" Fretwork Curio Shelf
SLD131 - Butterfly Fretwork Shelf
SLD122 - Largemouth Bass Fishing Overlay Welcome Sign
SLD121 - Pineapple Overlay Welcome SIgn
SLD120 - Cardinal Overlay Welcome Sign
SLD108 - Here, Spot! Doggie Dish Holder
SLD107 - Here Kitty, Kitty! Cat Dish Holder
SLD106 - Moose Towel Holder Pattern
SLD104 - Wildlife Coasters Set Pattern
SLD103 - Strawberry Fretwork Lazy Susan Pattern
AWW106 - Banana Holder Pattern Packet
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