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You can Email us at any time at . We will try to get back to you as soon as possible -- usually within 24 hours.

We are always happy to help you with any questions you have regarding your order, about one of our products or any woodworking and painting questions in general. We also welcome any comments or suggestions about our website, our products, or services.



You can reach us at 1(902)482-7174 or you can email us at with your phone number and a good time to call you (don't forget to mention your time zone) and we will be happy to call you back.


Our address for written correspondence is:

7344 Hwy #1
P.O. Box 410
Meteghan, NS
B0W 2J0

Our Current Newsletter . . .

Our Current Newsletter . . .

      I don't know about you, but for someone who really doesn't mind the snow and cold, I have had about enough.  This long and cold winter just doesn't ever seem to want to end! I couldn't believe it when I heard that some of you in the Midwestern states and central Canada received another round of snowfall these past few days, and that was after some wonderful 'spring-like' weather.  Just when we all thought it would be over, Mother Nature came back with one more blow.  Even I am getting a bit discouraged!

      But hopefully, it WILL end soon and we will all be through with ice and snow for at least the next several months. We can only hope . . .

      In the meantime, Keith and I have both been working on some nice new projects to offer to you.  For myself, working with soft, pastel colors helps me think ahead to warmer days as well as brighten my mood.  And spending time creating helps these days go by quickly and is a nice 'distraction' until the warm weather is here for good!

More Bunnies
      This year, it seems that I really am having fun making bunnies! To me, bunnies don't only show up at Easter and spring time, but make a great decoration all summer long.  With that in mind, I created a cute silhouette bunny ornament set (SLD455 - 12 Decoupage Bunny Ornaments) which will offer a variety of fun uses in your spring and summer decorating.  I created my samples using some digital scrapbook paper that I printed on my home computer. I then used DecoArt's "Decou-page Medium" to apply the beautiful floral patterns.

      You don't have to stop there!  You can use any pattern you wish and change the way these bunnies look very easily. How about using some patriotic patterned papers to make them look more "Americana"?  Or how about using some bright dotted prints to make them bold and fun?  With so many lovely papers available - both digitally and at your local hobby supply store - the possibilities are just about endless!
More Napkin Holders, Too!

      Keith has been busy as well.  We were really thrilled at the reception of his new napkin holders/plaque patterns that we introduced a short while ago.  Everyone seemed to love them and he had many requests to make additional designs. With that in mind, he came up with three new napkin holder & mini-plaque patterns for you to enjoy.
     You can choose from a Largemouth Bass (SLDK369), a Hummingbird (SLDK370) or a Monarch Butterfly (SLDK371).  All three designs are really beautiful. 

      We also decided that since we now have six different napkin holders, we should offer a special set product where you can choose your favorite three at a discounted price (SLDKNHSET1).  By choosing three of your favorites, you not only get the designs you like the best, but you save nearly $5.00 off the single pattern price. (Just remember when you choose this product to enter the pattern numbers in the appropriate box so we know which ones to send.) Don't forget - each pattern also comes with a bonus mini-plaque pattern of the same design.  You can use your mini-plaque pattern to make a matching trivet or other coordinating items. It's a really great value.
A Little Bit of France
      Another new plaque pattern that I created is this pretty Self-Framing "Paris" Plaque.  The plaque is about 8" wide by 10" long and a great project for an intermediate scroller or even a practiced beginner to try.  The pretty frame could be used for many different things - such as framing a favorite photograph - but also looks great with the overlay pieces of the Eiffel Tower and "Paris!" lettering.

      The pattern offers two finishing options for you to try - one allows a natural wood finish and the other uses scrapbook paper and DecoArt's Decou-page finish or acrylic paint.  As usual, all the methods are described with comprehensive instructions that allow you to choose your favorite method and personalize your plaque any way you wish.  I hope you have fun and experiment with some of these new techniques!
New Sales and Specials

      Finally, we changed our Pattern Specials.  This time we decided to have a "Designer's Favorites" sale. Keith and I each chose five of our favorite patterns that the other created and we put them on sale for you.  Sometimes it is hard for us to pick from our own work, so we thought that choosing from each other's designs would put a bit of a different spin on things.  We hope you agree with our choices and enjoy picking some of our favorite patterns at sale prices!  Be sure to visit our Pattern Specials page to see what we picked.

   Well, that will just about do it for this issue. As always, we thank you all for your continued support for us and our business. We realize that there are many choices out there as well as free patterns, but we try to do our very best to bring you the best designs available. Without your support, we wouldn't be able to continue doing what we love and bringing you our designs.  We always appreciate your comments and suggestions and try to give the best designs at fair prices with the best customer service in the business.

   For those of you who celebrate, we wish you all a Happy Easter.  For all of you - we hope that spring arrives in your area soon so we can all put winter behind us once and for all.

Happy Creating,
      Sheila and Keith

A Bit About Sheila Landry Designs

A Bit About Sheila Landry Designs

Thank you again for your interest in our designs! In 1995 I created my company, "Toys In The Attic" as a vehicle to share my creativity with you. When I began my company, I focused mainly on creating soft sculpture finished items and decorations and mohair teddy bears. As I evolved in woodworking and pattern designing, I felt that the name “Sheila Landry Designs” was a better fit.

I grew up in the Chicago area in the United States. I began my woodworking and painting career just after my daughter Danielle was born, over 20 years ago. A very dear friend of mine, Cari Denison, introduced me to scroll sawing and I have very fond memories of those early days with Cari of learning to scroll saw, painting and doing projects – all while watching our four young children and taking care of our houses and families! In 1996, I was fortunate enough to meet the great people from All American Crafts Publishing and began working on several of their magazines, including Creative Woodworks and Crafts Magazine.

I have been fortunate to be able to continue designing and working with Creative Woodworks as a Contributing Editor for over fifteen years. My first design appeared in Creative Woodworks in April of 1997 and I have been working with the magazine ever since. Since I began working with them, I have had over 100 projects published in their magazine.

Life’s circumstances have brought me to Nova Scotia, Canada and I am now settled into this beautiful place which is full of tons of inspiration for new designs. These past years have seen new growth and opportunities for the business that I would have only dreamed of. I look forward to what the future will bring and I hope you will keep in touch through my daily blog where I document the many aspects of my life as a designer. 

I also want you all to be aware that I am working with a wonderful partner now.  His name is Keith Fenton and he has been contributing to Sheila Landry Designs for a couple of years.  Keith has made it possible for our company to grow and expand over the past couple of years in ways that I would have never thought possible. His talent and skills that he brings, both in designing and on the computer side of the business have been an incredible asset to me, and has given me the time to do some of my own designing that I would not have had the time to do if it weren't for him.  Keith shows how "two heads are definitely better than one" and proves it every single day. 

As always, my door is open anytime if you have questions or need advice. If I am unable to answer the question myself, I have a number of resources I can connect you with so you can have your answers quickly and help you out.

We hope you all continue to enjoy our designs as much as we enjoy creating them!

Sheila Bergner-Landry