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Our surfaces and combo packages have been moved!
You can now find them on our new "painting surfaces" page.
SLDP224 - Traditional Damask Ornaments Painting Pattern
SLDP222 - 12 "MUD" Sea Life Ornaments Painting Pattern (Uses Margot's Mud Texture Paste)
SLD473 - 12 Chalky Beach Ornaments (Scroll Saw Pattern w/ Simple Painting Instructions)
SLDP221 - 10 Beginner Level Seashell Ornaments Painting Pattern
PWF04 - Summertime Tea Welcome Banner Painting Pattern
SLD453 - 12 Hare Garden Markers (Scroll Saw Pattern w/ Optional Painting Instructions)
SLDP220 - Springtime Iris Banner Painting Pattern
SLD452 - Cookie Cutter Animal Basket (Scroll Saw Pattern w/ Painting Instructions)
PWF03 - Easter Egg Candle Tray/Mat and Ornies Painting Pattern
SLDP219 - 12 Tiny Dancer Ballerinas Painting Pattern
PWF02 - Snowman Collector Painting Pattern
PWF01 - Jar of Snowies Painting Pattern
SLDP213 - 12 Days of Christmas Key Ornaments Painting Pattern
SLDP217 - Spooky Halloween Petite Ornaments Painting Pattern
SLDP216 - Spooky Halloween Key Ornaments Painting Pattern
SLDP215 - 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments Painting Pattern
SLDP214 - Patriotic Angel Bear Ornaments
SLDP212 - 10 Summertime Strokework Bunnies Painting Pattern
SLDP211 - 10 "MUD" Bunny Ornaments Painting Pattern (Uses Margot's Mud Texture Paste)
SLDP210 - Haunted Masquerade Painting Pattern
SLDP209 - Boo Ghost Trio Painting Pattern
SLDP208 - "All Cracked Up" Snowmen Ornaments Painting Pattern
SLDP207 - Let's Wrap It Up! Painting Pattern
SLDP206 - The Stockings Were Hung Painting Pattern
SLDP205 - 8 Prim Pumpkins Painting Pattern
SLDP204 - Halloween Pumpkin Candle Tray Painting Pattern
SLDP203 - Kickin' Up Our Heels! Painting Pattern
SLDP202 - Hats Off To Witches! Painting Pattern
SLD316 - Scrolled Nativity Set w/ Optional Painting Instructions
SLDP103 - Skating Pond Vignette Painting Pattern (FULL SET)
SLDP201 - Mini Skating Pond Vignette Painting Pattern
SLD237 - Blue Jay and Sparrow Mini-Plaque Pattern
SLD238 - Cardinal and Robin Mini-Plaques Pattern
SLDP101 - Painted Pansies Pins or Magnets Painting Pattern
ASLDP001 - Set of 10 Ornament Display Stand Patterns
SLDP102 - Monarch Butterfly Painting Packet
ASLDP007 - Butterfly Ornament Set Pattern Packet
ASLDP003 - Teddy Bear Angel Plate Painting Pattern
ASLDP004 - Swan Strokework Plate Pattern Packet
ASLDP005 - Hummingbird Heart Box with Hummingbird Pin Painting Pattern
ASLDP006 - Eagle and Flag Pin Pattern Packet
ASLDP008 - Falling Leaves Garland Pattern
ASLDP009 - Springtime Garland Pattern
ASLDP010 - Gingerbread Garland Pattern
ASLDP011 - Rainbow Trout Picture Frame
ASLDP012 - Wildlife Ornament Set

Our surfaces and combo packages have been moved!
You can now find them on our new "painting surfaces" page.
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