Scroll Saw Pattern Specials
See our "Scroll Saw Pattern Sets" category for more great savings on sets of similar patterns. Many sets are mix and match so you can make your own sale that includes your favorites!
SLD125 - Self-Framing Hummingbird Plaque PatternSLD125 - Self-Framing Hummingbird Plaque Pattern
SLD202 - Self-Framing Loons on the Lake Plaque PatternSLD202 - Self-Framing Loons on the Lake Plaque Pattern
SLD252 - 6 Self-Framing Butterfly Mini-PlaquesSLD252 - 6 Self-Framing Butterfly Mini-Plaques
SLD253 - 6 Self-Framing Hummingbird Mini-PlaquesSLD253 - 6 Self-Framing Hummingbird Mini-Plaques
SLD456 - Self-Framing "Paris" PlaqueSLD456 - Self-Framing "Paris" Plaque
SLDK159 - Self-Framing Green ManSLDK159 - Self-Framing Green Man
SLDK160 - Self-Framing Sun and MoonSLDK160 - Self-Framing Sun and Moon
SLDK190 - Self-Framing WolvesSLDK190 - Self-Framing Wolves
SLDK193 - Self-Framing Gone Hunting Pheasant PlaqueSLDK193 - Self-Framing Gone Hunting Pheasant Plaque
SLDK231 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered GrouseSLDK231 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Grouse
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