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Scroll Saw Pattern Specials
"The Birds & The Bees" Sale!

"The Birds & The Bees" Sale!

SLDK349 - Cardinal Napkin Holder & PlaqueSLDK349 - Cardinal Napkin Holder & Plaque
SLDK236 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered CardinalSLDK236 - Self-Framing Leaf Bordered Cardinal
SLDK212 - Filigree Hummingbird OrnamentsSLDK212 - Filigree Hummingbird Ornaments
LL1007 - Little Leaves HummingbirdsLL1007 - Little Leaves Hummingbirds
SLD220 - Summer Hummingbird and Morning Glory Segmentation FrameSLD220 - Summer Hummingbird and Morning Glory Segmentation Frame
SLD263 - Set of all 8 Seasonal Songbird PlaquesSLD263 - Set of all 8 Seasonal Songbird Plaques
SLD364 - 8 Songbird Ornaments Set 1SLD364 - 8 Songbird Ornaments Set 1
SLD365 - 8 Songbird Ornaments Set 2SLD365 - 8 Songbird Ornaments Set 2
SLD332 - Bee Happy Simple Segmentation FrameSLD332 - Bee Happy Simple Segmentation Frame
SLD359 - Honeycomb and Bee Candle TraySLD359 - Honeycomb and Bee Candle Tray
SLDP220 - Springtime Iris Banner Painting PatternSLDP220 - Springtime Iris Banner Painting Pattern
SLDP102 - Monarch Butterfly Painting PacketSLDP102 - Monarch Butterfly Painting Packet
See our "Scroll Saw Pattern Sets" category on the left for more great prices on sets of similar patterns.  Many are mix and match so you can make your own sale that includes your favorites!
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