Scroll Saw & Painting Pattern Specials
See our "Scroll Saw Pattern Sets" category for more great savings on sets of similar patterns. Many sets are mix and match so you can make your own sale that includes your favorites!
SLD531 - Set of all 8 Gothic Cross Ornaments & Overlay Plaques (SLD529 and 530)SLD531 - Set of all 8 Gothic Cross Ornaments & Overlay Plaques (SLD529 and 530)
SLDK118 - 8 Dimensional Cross OrnamentsSLDK118 - 8 Dimensional Cross Ornaments
SLDK688 - Overlay Angels on Crosses OrnamentsSLDK688 - Overlay Angels on Crosses Ornaments
SLD536 - Lacy Layered Angel OrnamentsSLD536 - Lacy Layered Angel Ornaments
SLDK201 - Filigree Angel OrnamentsSLDK201 - Filigree Angel Ornaments
SLDK327 - Filigree Stocking OrnamentsSLDK327 - Filigree Stocking Ornaments
SLD487 - Alphabet Ornament ShapesSLD487 - Alphabet Ornament Shapes
SLD123 - 12 Slotted Wildlife OrnamentsSLD123 - 12 Slotted Wildlife Ornaments
SLDK506 - 10 Traditional Christmas Filigree OrnamentsSLDK506 - 10 Traditional Christmas Filigree Ornaments
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