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SLD393 - Winter Snowmen Word Art Blocks

SLD393 - Winter Snowmen Word Art Blocks

SLD393 - Winter Snowmen Word Art Blocks
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Word art is becoming very popular in home decorating. People enjoy expressing different sayings, feelings and phrases using various artistic forms of letters. I thought that using little snowmen blocks would be an appropriate and fun way to convey the concept of “Winter.”

While the letters can be mounted on a base to keep them all aligned, I preferred to leave them loose. This way you can scatter them on a window sill, mantle or even in the center of a dining room table as a charming enterpiece. I also included a full alphabet and a set of “naked” snowmen so you can create your own phrases and messages. From cute words like “chilly” and “Let It Snow” or a family name on a wreath, you will surely find a fun way to use these cute characters.

With this woodworking pattern, I included the option of adding some color the snowmen using acrylic paint and DecoArt’s Staining and Antiquing Medium. This water based gel turns any acrylic paint into a transparent stain, allowing the beauty and grain of the wood to show through. I think it is the perfect choice for a project such as this, and I lightly stained just the fronts of the pieces. If you prefer not to add color, you can simply soak them in mineral oil and fi nish them with spray shellac to give them a nice, warm look. Either way they are attractive. I also want to mention that you might enjoy cutting these pieces out of 1/8” thin wood and using them as ornaments refrigerator magnets. What a fun and easy way to dress up your kitchen! These little snowmen are sure to warm your heart!
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