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SLD407 - 12 Elegant Slotted Ornaments

SLD407 - 12 Elegant Slotted Ornaments

SLD407 - 12 Elegant Slotted Ornaments
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I know you will enjoy making these beautiful dimensional ornaments for your holiday decorating. While they may appear to be difficult to create, they are actually quite simple. Each ornament requires only a minimal number of cuts, as much of the decoration are carefully placed drill holes. 

When drilling the ornaments, use care to make sure that the drill holes are clean and tear out is minimal by being sure to use a sharp drill bit and supporting the piece from the underside. You can do this by placing it on a piece of scrap wood or you can make a ‘zero clearence’ table for your drill press.  

I designed the ornaments with recessed tops so that you can hold them together by tying a decorative 1/8” ribbon around the tops for display.  That way you are able to untie them and slide them apart so they can be stored flat, which will take up less room and you will have less chance of breaking them.  Of course, if you choose to do so, you can also glue the pieces together at the slots by using clear drying wood glue. 

The slots themselves can be adjusted from 3/16” wide down to 1/8” without interfering with the design. This allows you to use a greater variety of wood you may have on hand.  Finally, you can easily stack cut these ornaments and make several at one time, which makes them a great choice for gift giving or selling at craft fairs or sales.

I hope you enjoy making this beautiful set of ornaments as much as I enjoyed designing them. 
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