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SLD409 - 12 Traditional Embellished Ornaments

SLD409 - 12 Traditional Embellished Ornaments

SLD409 - 12 Traditional Embellished Ornaments
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These beautiful ornaments are fun and easy to do. Since I first introduced my Embellished Snowflake Ornaments (SLD324) and Embellished Christmas Tree Ornaments (SLD301) I have received many wonderful letters and emails from people who enjoyed adding a bit of sparkle to their scroll work.  They were the inspiration behind these beautiful traditional shaped embellished ornaments. 

For my samples, I used cherry.  I thought the beautiful, warm color of the wood would be the perfect companion for the small 3mm gold beads that I used for the embellishments. I found the beads in the jewelry supply section of my local craft store, and you should be able to find this sized bead in many colors at a craft supplier near you.  

I used a 7/64” drill bit to make the depressions for the beads to sit in, which allowed the beads to sit about halfway into the wood. This seemed to work fine for gluing the beads into place, and they held well. I was sure to use a clear drying glue for this process, as it was inevitable that a small amount of glue would ooze up around the beads. However, I found that it was quite invisible when dried and I preferred the peace of mind knowing that the beads were glued in securly.  

You may also use smaller beads for this project if you prefer, or even tiny seed beads. Just adjust your drill bit accordingly and test it on a scrap of wood to make sure of the fit. 

If you choose not to use beads for embellishing, you can even just drill decorative holes in place of the beads and the ornaments will still look lovely on your tree, allowing the light to shine through the holes.  

Whichever way you choose, I hope you enjoy making this project. Be sure to go online and check out my video which gives some helpful hints on drilling and cutting this type of ornaments. It is located on the Free Stuff page under the Instructional Scroll Saw video category.
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