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SLD416 - 6 "Masquerade Ball" Ornaments and Wall Hangings

SLD416 - 6 "Masquerade Ball" Ornaments and Wall Hangings

SLD416 - 6 "Masquerade Ball" Ornaments and Wall Hangings
Add rhinestones for a little color and sparkle
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These decorative masks are a project that will be both fun and challenging to make.  The small masks can be used in so many settings - as party favors for birthdays, different holidays, or even as a year round decoration.  

I have included patterns for the masks in two sizes - 4.5 inches in diameter and also 8 inches in diameter - so you can use them in a variety of ways.  

The smaller masks are a bit more challenging, and not for the faint of heart. However, they are great candidates to be stack-cut, which will also allow additional control and precision.  I cut my samples with a 2/0 reverse-tooth blade and no trouble at all.  

For those of you who are still developing your skills, the larger masks may be the best choice to start.  The Mach blade in size 3 will do a great job getting through slightly thicker stock and still allow you to cut those sharp corners and turns.  
Of course, you can resize the patterns to your liking to make them as big or small as you wish.You may even want to decorate them with rhinestones or beads, or paint them bright and cheerful colors and add embellishments such as feathers.  The possiblities are endless! 
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