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SLD432 - 6 Angel Place Card Holders

SLD432 - 6 Angel Place Card Holders

SLD432 - 6 Angel Place Card Holders
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These cute angels will make a festive addition to your holiday table, while also helping to direct folks to their seats! The 18-gauge wire that holds the name cards is very easy to shape, and pre-drilling the blocks for the wire inserts prior to cutting them out makes the whole process much easier.

The angels can be cut from 3/4" scrap wood left over from other projects. When making the sample pieces, I experimented with several types of wood to test different looks. The natural colored set was cut from hard maple because I knew the beautiful grain would be nicely complemented by the oil and shellac finish. Although this was the most difficult set to cut because of the hardness of the wood, I simply took my time with the cutting, and the process was trouble-free.

The pastel set was cut from clear pine. Because I would be applying light paint colors, I wanted a wood that had little grain and a lighter background so that the colors stayed bright. As you could imagine, this set was much easier to cut than the maple set, but I felt the pieces were much weaker than the maple ones and I had to slow down the saw a little while cutting. However, because I kept the angel designs fairly simple, it seemed as though the pine would hold up fine.

The jewel-toned set was cut from poplar, which turned out to be the perfect "in between" wood to use. It had a much tighter grain than the pine, which meant it would be sturdy, but it was not as difficult to cut as the maple, making it a good choice for even someone who is newer to scroll sawing. The slightly deeper color of the poplar didn't matter at all, due to the darker, jewel-toned paint that I applied to the pieces.

I can't decide which set is my favorite! I like them all, and each set has its own appeal. Of course, you can make a set all one color to match your own color scheme, or vary the colors as I did. Enlarge the patterns and cut them from 1/8" stock, and they would make wonderful ornaments or gift package tie-ons. I hope you enjoy them and have fun experimenting with the endless possibilities!
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