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SLD441 - Snowflake Damask Silhouette 1

SLD441 - Snowflake Damask Silhouette 1

SLD441 - Snowflake Damask Silhouette 1
Optional instructions included for adding metallic lustre and rhinestones.
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I love creating self-framing plaques!  Like my candle trays, they are a economical way to make your scroll sawn projects look professional and finished, as well as adding the interest of another dimension to them.  Besides that, they are fun and easy!

Lately I have thoroughly enjoyed designing a series of Damask style scroll saw patterns. The beautiful and flowing Damask designs have a way of giving wood movement and grace and they are also very forgiving for scroll sawyers who may accidentally wander off the line a bit. They make wonderful backdrops for many types of designs and offer a contemporary yet classic look. The addition of strategically placed overlay pieces make interesting and appealing plaques that can be either displayed hung on a wall or even set up in a small easel and placed on a mantle or sofa table.  

While the designs look stunning finished naturally using mineral oil and a light coat of spray shellac, as usual I took things a step further and used some incredible DecoArt products to bring it up to another level. I wiped the snowflake with a thin coat of Metallic Lustre, which is a water-based paste wax that has a brilliant metallic shine. The semi-transparent wax still allows the beautiful grain of the ash to show through, yet makes the snowflake look like ice!  I also decided to brush a light coat of DecoArt Glamour Dust Ultra Fine Glitter Paint over the snowflake to give it a subtle shine.  The finely ground glitter in the clear base gave it just the look I wanted - of freshly fallen snow.

As a final step, I embellished  the plaque with some beautiful crystal hot fix rhinestones. I like the way the icy blue stones accented the blue back board.  It really gave the project that final ingredient to make it  look extra special. 

Whichever way you choose to finish your project, I hope you enjoy making it and that it finds a special place in your home to brighten those long winter days. (Be on the lookout for additional plaques to be added to this series soon!) 
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