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SLD475 - Nevermore Layered Scroll Saw Pattern

SLD475 - Nevermore Layered Scroll Saw Pattern

SLD475 - Nevermore Layered Scroll Saw Pattern
Shown here with a raven cut from ebony.
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     This layered plaque was inspired by the Edgar Allen Poe poem "The Raven." I have always been a huge fan of Poe's work, and in my mind I had a vision of how I wanted to depict the poem in a layered plaque form.
     The plaque hopefully conveys the eerie essence of the poem, and includes the bright moonlight, the illusion of the clock about to strike midnight, and of course - the raven itself sitting among the bare branches.
     In creating this plaque, I used a combination of hard wood and plywood to cut my pieces. I cut the header and footer of some pretty bird's eye maple, as it held up well to the beautiful swirly scrollwork. The back board and branches were cut of 1/8" Baltic birch plywood, and stained using common acrylic paint and DecoArt's Staining and Antiquing medium, which gave a nice, transparent color  and still allowed the grain of the wood to show through.
     These pieces can also be cut from hard wood, but I find that larger pieces of wood planed to the needed 1/8" thickness tends to twist and warp and I feel that the project would be far more stable using the plywood. The lettering was cut from a single  piece of dark walnut, making it easier to place the letters and a bit less tedious than cutting individual letters. The moon was cut from some yellowheart that I had on hand, and the raven itself I cut from a beautiful piece of ebony. I realize that the ebony and some of the other hard wood can be hard to come by, so I also included instructions for making the 1/8" pieces entirely form Baltic birch plywood. In doing so, you can cut several sets at a time if you plan to make them for others or for sales.
     I hope you enjoy making this project and that it becomes a part of your Halloween decorating tradition. This is an intermediate difficulty scroll saw pattern.
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