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SLD483 - 12 Slotted Damask Ornaments

SLD483 - 12 Slotted Damask Ornaments

SLD483 - 12 Slotted Damask Ornaments
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These elegant ornaments will be a wonderful addition to your Christmas decorating, or can be used just about any time of the year. The classic Damask motifs are popular decorating components, and I can see them being used any time of the year as pretty baubles to accent just about any area in your home.

In my examples, I once again used some pretty crystal hot-fix rhinestones to accent the graceful shapes. Applying the rhinestones was easy using the inexpensive heat wand and hot fix, adhesive-backed stones. You simply touch the heated wand on the top of the stone and the heat is transferred to the back to melt the adhesive and stick the stone into place. The stones are secure and there is no messy glue to deal with or to wait to dry. I love this method of applying embellishments and I really think it adds to the already beautiful designs.

I stated a range of thicknesses of wood that can be easily used for these ornaments. The drawn slots are exactly 1/8” wide, but I left enough room so you can comfortably adjust the slots to accommodate wood as thick as 3/16” without the risk of breaking them. See the instructions for further details on how to cut wider slots correctly.

You can also paint these pieces and apply different finishes to them for interesting effects.
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