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SLD504 - Layered Sheep Bowl and "Baaa-Bins"

SLD504 - Layered Sheep Bowl and "Baaa-Bins"

SLD504 - Layered Sheep Bowl and "Baaa-Bins"
Make the bowl with a spiral cut or in sections (Sections shown in this image)Make the bowl with a spiral cut or in sectionsThe smaller sheep fit right in your embroidery thread box!
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I had a great time creating this fun project. Lately I have been spending my spare time doing some fun needlework projects and I have come to love my collection of beautiful silk threads. This little sheep bowl and “baaa-bins” is a great way to store the colors of thread that I am using for my current project, and keep it right at hand as well. That way I don’t have to put everything away and hide it in between sewing sessions.  The smaller sheep are sized to fit in standard plastic storage boxes made to hold cotton embroidery floss. The larger sheep are sized to hold those ‘extra’ pieces of thread, ribbon or wool yarn that you use for your hand sewing  projects. 

You may even want to just wrap the sheep with colors to compliment your decorating and leave the set out for a cute decoration. Its country feel will brighten up any room. 

Finally - I wanted you to know that I have included two versions of the bowl in this pattern. In the first version, the sides are cut in a single spiral on a slight angle. This allows the bowl to lock into place and collapse, if necessary. In the second version, the sides are created using five rings, also cut on a slight angle so that they will also lock into place. However, I went a step further and glued these rings together so the bowl was permanently assembled. I found this version to be a bit more stable. 

Either way, I hope you have a great time making the project.  It is quick and easy and will make a great piece to keep and give. 
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