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SLD506 - 10 Regal Damask Ornaments

SLD506 - 10 Regal Damask Ornaments

SLD506 - 10 Regal Damask Ornaments
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There is something about the Damask style of design that is timeless and beautiful. In recent years, I have seen this lovely type of design regain popularity in decorating and crafting project. The soft and flowing lines are the perfect partner to the scroll saw. While they can be beautiful and intricate, they are also very forgiving. Little errors or mis-cuts are barely detectable. This makes them great for scrollers of any skill level. 

I made these ornaments slightly larger on purpose. This way, they are easier to cut for those who have a bit less experience, but still beautifully detailed. Of course, you can feel free to size them to suit your purpose. They would look lovely as smaller pendants or earrings, perhaps with the addition of some beautiful crystal hot-fix rhinestones. (See end of pattern for sources.) 

You can paint them, stain them, or make them out of hardwood and finish them naturally as I did in the samples. They are a great way to spark your creative energy. 

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