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SLDCTSET1 - Set of any 6 Candle Tray Patterns

SLDCTSET1 - Set of any 6 Candle Tray Patterns

SLDCTSET1 - Set of any 6 Candle Tray Patterns
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Mix and Match and pick any 6 "Candle Tray" , "Votive and Tealight tray" or "Dimensional Candle Tray" patterns for one low price. Just type in the pattern number (i.e. SLD320, SLD321, ect.) in the box below and those patterns will be sent to you at this special price. (Remember that for each (1) quantity ordered, enter 6 candle tray pattern numbers)

You can choose from any patterns found in our Jar Candle Tray Patterns Category or from the list below:

SLD315 - Snowflake
SLD319 - Autumn Leaves
SLD320 - Gothic Bats
SLD321 - Autumn Pumpkins
SLD322 - Candy Canes
SLD323 - Holly Leaves
SLD327 - Cross Fretwork
SLD328 - Grizzly Bear
SLD331 - Spooky Pumpkins
SLD333 - Wright Inspired
SLD334 - Sweetheart
SLD335 - Celtic Trinity
SLD336 - Shamrocks
SLD337 - Gingerbread
SLD338 - Nativity
SLD339 - Poinsettia
SLD340 - Celtic Deverelle
SLD341 - Patriotic Stars and Stripes
SLD342 - Sunflower
SLD343 - Easter Egg and Bunny
SLD344 - Trellis and Roses
SLD345 - Grapevine
SLD346 - Lily Pad and Frog
SLD348 - Musical
SLD351 - Kokopelli
SLD352 - Moose
SLD353 - Butterfly
SLD354 - Classic Fretwork Shell
SLD355 - Running Horses
SLD356 - Horse
SLD358 - Creepy Spiders and Web
SLD359 - Honeycomb and Bee
SLD366 - Reindeer and Sleigh
SLD382 - Seashell
SLD413 - Dragonfly Dimensionl
SLD415 - Winter Wonderland Dimensional
SLD421 - "Float Like a Butterfly" Dimensional
SLD422 - Filigree
SLD423 - "Pocket Full of Posies"
SLD424 - "Strawberry Fields"
SLD425 - Love, Faith, Hope
SLD426 - Kitty Silhouette Dimensional
SLD427 - Primitive Crow and Stars Dimensional
SLD429 - Gloria (Nativity)
SLD454 - "He Is Risen"
SLD481 - Boo
SLD482 - Give Thanks
SLD495 - Celtic Hearts
SLD503 - 2 Gear & Cogs
SLD508 - Monarch Damask
SLD509 - Duke Damask
SLD510 - Duchess Damask
SLD511 - Emperor Damask
SLD512 - Empress Damask
SLD522 - Heart and Soul
SLDK147 - Heart Votive & Tealight
SLDK148 - Autumn Votive & Tealight
SLDK149 - Deer Votive & Tealight
SLDK150 - Wright Inspired Votive & Tealight
SLDK152 - Musical Votive & Tealight
SLDK162 - Blue Jay Votive and Tealight
SLDK163 - Celtic Trinity Votive and Tealight
SLDK169 - Kokopelli Votive and Tealight
SLDK173 - Victorian Hearts Votive & Tealight
SLDK177 - Witch & Pumpkin Votive and Tealight
SLDK213 - Sewing Pincushion Votive and Tealight

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