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SLDEFL01 - Crocuses

SLDEFL01 - Crocuses

SLDEFL01 - Crocuses
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Purchase any 2 "Elements" patterns and you get the basic frames pattern packet SLDEFR01 for FREE. (You can see the four basic frames on the table in the sample photo.) Just put "Send me free frames" (or something similar) in the "comments" box at the bottom of your order form.  See the links below for other Sheila Landry Designs Elements patterns.

The crocus pattern is part of my new series SLDE (Sheila Landry Designs Elements). The patterns can be used in a variety of projects and applications to suit your needs. You can make them into ornaments by mounting them on a circle or oval backer, use them for decorating box lids, trays, plates, or as plaques by themselves. All of the pieces in the SLDE series are interchangable so that you can have fun creating your own unique designs. Both the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ versions of the pattern are included, as well as simple painting guidlines. I hope you enjoy using them and that they inspire your own creativity.

Pattern includes FOUR views of the pretty flowers cut as "positive" (overlay) designs and FOUR views of the crocuses cut in "negative" format (cut directly into the backer piece, box lids or plaques) for your greatest designing options.

SIMPLE painting instructions as well as color swatches are included as well! 

The second sample picture shows you some of the many ways you can combine the "Elements" patterns to make your own custom creations. (Please purchase the frames and bird patterns separately.)

You can downloat the instructions sheet for free here: slde-introduction-sheet.pdf
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