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SLDEFR01 - Basic Frame Set (Available as a free bonus)

SLDEFR01 - Basic Frame Set (Available as a free bonus)

SLDEFR01 - Basic Frame Set (Available as a free bonus)
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This frame set is available for free if you purchase any 2 other "Elements" patterns! Just put "Send me free frames" (or something similar) in the "comments" box at the bottom of your order form.  (See the links below for other Sheila Landry Designs Elements patterns.)

This frame set is part of the Sheila Landry Designs Elements series. Any of the frames may be used in conjunction with any of the other patterns in the SLDE group to create beautiful and unique projects. All of the pattern elements in this series can easily be mixed and matched to create your own designs. 

Pattern includes all FOUR shapes of frames for your creative pleasure!
There are several ways you can create using this one pattern:
-You can cut just the perimeter of each frame to make a lovely backboard for overlay pieces, or cut the “negative” designs right into the center.
-You can bevel cut the inside edge of the frame, creating a self-framing piece that again makes a wonderful base for overlay pieces or a canvas for a “negative” design to be scrolled into.
-You can cut the inside edge on a 90 degree angle and glue a back board to the frame to hold your design.
-You can even use thicker wood (over 1/2” thick is recommended) for the frame and rout the back edge with a rabbet bit so that your backboard or design sits flush. 
The possibilities are endless! 

Inside diameter of frames is as follows: 
-Square frame - 5" x 5" 
-Round frame - 5" x 5"
-Rectangle frame - 4" x 5"
-Oval frame - 4" x 5"

The second sample picture shows you some of the many ways you can combine the "Elements" patterns to make your own custom creations. (Please purchase the robin and flower patterns separately. Remember - if you buy those two - you will get the frame pattern FREE.)

You can downloat the instructions sheet for free here: slde-introduction-sheet.pdf
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