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SLDK410 - Matthew 5:3-10 "Beatitudes" Sectional Bible Passage

SLDK410 - Matthew 5:3-10 "Beatitudes" Sectional Bible Passage

SLDK410 - Matthew 5:3-10 "Beatitudes" Sectional Bible Passage
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The Eight Beatitudes as it is written in Matthew 5:3-10 of the King James Bible. This pattern also includes an optional header that says Matthew 5:1-12 which some of you might find better matches the way I made the 10 Commandments pattern because it includes the passages leading up to the actual Beatitudes and two extra passages at the end that expands on the eighth. The fonts very closely match the 10 Commandments design (The same styles but the old English style font is just slightly smaller so that everything would fit) and the size of the whole set is the same so these would make a great companion piece to be displayed with the Commandments. You can see the 10 Commandments pattern here:

Each section of the project fits on a reasonable width of wood that should not be difficult to get, and is a comfortable overall size for scrolling. The sections each have their own painted Baltic birch backers and I chose to join them together with a pair of narrow pieces cut from the same hardwood as the plaques and painted to match the backers. I would consider this to be an intermediate to advanced scrolls saw pattern.

We have many more word art patterns in this style using bible passages as well as other, non-religious themes. You can also purchase these patterns in a mix-and-match set at a reduced price. (See the links at the bottom of the page)

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