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SLDK541 - 3 Large Filigree Crosses

SLDK541 - 3 Large Filigree Crosses

SLDK541 - 3 Large Filigree Crosses
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These intricate large crosses would look beautiful in your home and they make lovely gifts or craft fair sale items. Even though they are larger, the overlay is made from a thinner wood, so you are still able to stack cut making it easier for you to produce them efficiently for selling. You can choose make these crosses with a dark natural backer (walnut was used in the example) and a ligher contrasting overlay wood, or you could instead choose paint or stain a plywood backer piece. You could also choose to frame it some other way; either with an oval backer or even a store-bought picture frame. Whatever method you choose, be sure to use a strong, tight-grained wood for the overlay since these pieces are somewhat delicate.
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