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SLDKC01 - Custom Word in Word Pattern (ENTER YOUR OWN TEXT)

SLDKC01 - Custom Word in Word Pattern (ENTER YOUR OWN TEXT)

SLDKC01 - Custom Word in Word Pattern (ENTER YOUR OWN TEXT)
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INSTRUCTIONS (Please read carefully)

NOW AVAILABLE IN MILITARY STENCIL FONT! Just mention "Military Stencil Font" in the comment box on the checkout page. You can see examples of the stencil font in the sample thumbnails on the right.

In the box below, put the word you want for the big letters in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS followed by the words you want in the script font exactly how you want them written. (I personally find they look best when you put a capital for the first letter of each word, even though that is technically wrong.)

Big capital letters: Anything longer than 6 letters may need to be squished horizontally to make it fit. 

Small script font: Anything longer than 25 letters might have to be reduced in size to fit and may be a little harder to cut. (Maximum of around 32 letters unless I make them quite small)

Please double check your spelling! (If putting a family name and you want it pluralized, there should NOT be an apostrophe. If your name ends in s, x, z, ch, sh, then you pluralize with -es, otherwise you just add an -s.)

Finished plaque will be 3.75" tall by about 12" to 16" long at my discretion unless you need a specific length (Let me know if you require a specific length in the comment section when placing your order. You can always enlarge or reduce the pattern yourself so long as you are comfortable cutting the larger plaque or the smaller letters). Please note that you are not purchasing exclusive rights to the design. The pattern still remains the intellectual property of Sheila Landry Designs.

Please no requests to do professional or university sports team names as they are trademarked and require licensing.
Please note that our website does use a secure 'HTTPS' encryption as soon as you begin the checkout process.

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