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SLDKC07 - Custom Strikethrough Word Art Pattern (ENTER YOUR OWN TEXT)

SLDKC07 - Custom Strikethrough Word Art Pattern (ENTER YOUR OWN TEXT)

SLDKC07 - Custom Strikethrough Word Art Pattern (ENTER YOUR OWN TEXT)
Some ideas for your custom patternYou can choose the military style shown here if you wish
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This style of word art could be used for many different purposes. You can see a few examples in the sample pics. I'm sure you can think of more ideas. The possibilities are nearly endless.

If you are comfortable cutting thicker wood, you could maybe glue them to a stand or make them free standing. Let me know if you need the bottom perfectly flat since the round bottom letters would need to be flattened slightly).

You could instead glue them onto a nice shaped backer frame for hanging. If you would like the outer perimeter frame shape from one of our other patterns to use as a backer, let us know when ordering.

You could also hang these without a backer, but you may need to add a solid area in the top center in order to have somewere to attach a hanger unless the letters conveniently work out that way on their own.

INSTRUCTIONS (Please read carefully)

In the box below, put the word(s) you want for the big letters in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS followed by the word(s) you want in the small font in small letters.

Large outer letters: Anything longer than 6 or 7 letters may need to be squished horizontally to fit but we can go quite long and it will still look nice. 

Small letters: Anything longer than about 12 to 16 letters (depending on the total length of the plaque) might have to be squished horizontally to fit.

Please double check your spelling! (If putting a family name and you want it pluralized, there should NOT be an apostrophe. If your name ends in s, x, z, ch, sh, then you pluralize with -es, otherwise you just add an -s.)

NOW AVAILABLE IN MILITARY STENCIL FONT! Just mention "Military Stencil Font" in the comment box on the checkout page. You can see examples of the stencil font in the sample thumbnails on the right

Finished plaque will be 4" tall by about 12" to 18" long at my discretion unless you need a specific size (Let me know if you require a specific size in the comment section when placing your order. You can always enlarge or reduce the pattern yourself so long as you are comfortable cutting the larger plaque or the smaller letters). Please note that you are not purchasing exclusive rights to the design. The pattern still remains the intellectual property of Sheila Landry Designs.

Please no requests to do professional or university sports team names as they are trademarked and require licensing.
Please note that our website does use a secure 'HTTPS' encryption as soon as you begin the checkout process.

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