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SLDPK132 - Beehive Bevel-Cut Ornaments Wood Kit (3 ornaments)

SLDPK132 - Beehive Bevel-Cut Ornaments Wood Kit (3 ornaments)

SLDPK132 - Beehive Bevel-Cut Ornaments Wood Kit (3 ornaments)
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Wood kit includes 3 two piece ornaments, hand-cut ornaments from 1/4" MDF sanded and ready for painting. The center circle is cut on a slight bevel, allowing it to be pushed slightly back and giving a nice framing effect. The back of the ornament has the inner circle standing slightly proud of the frame. After painting, the center is glued into place. Full instructions on doing this are included. 

Each ornament will also have an 1/8" hole at the top for hanging, as well as a tiny pilot hole on the bottom to add a screw eye and bee charm, if you desire. If you want these for magnets, just use a little wood filler in these small holes and lightly sand them before painting. 

You can see a video demonstration of how easy it is to glue these ornaments and plaques on my YouTube channel here: Gluing Bevel-Cut Ornaments and Plaques

If you wish to order this wood kit, just click "Add to Cart" on the bottom right of this page. Please note that a pattern is NOT included in this kit! See the related products below for patterns requiring this surface or our "Super Combo" deal which includes the pattern, and all wood, stencils, and charms needed to make the project as shown.

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Pattern Available:
 - Full color pattern with step-by-step illustrations
"Super Combo" includes:
 - Full painting pattern
 - 6  4"x1/4" MDF ornaments
 - 9"x1/4" MDF plaque
 - 6 small metal bee charms
 - 1 large metal bee charm
 - 2 stencil packets
 - Special discounted price!
Plaque Wood Kit includes:
 - 9"x1/4" MDF beehive plaque
 - The center oval is cut on a bevel, allowing it to recess back giving a framing effect. This piece is glued in after painting.
 - 1 hanger
 - Pre-sanded and ready to paint!
Large Bee Charm:
 - Sold individually
 - Approx 1.5" diameter
Small Bee Charms:
 - Set of 3
 - Approx. 1/2" diameter
Large Stencil Set:
 - Large stencil for use on the 9" plaque
Small Stencil Set:
 - Small stencil for use on the ornaments
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