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My Journey as a Scroll Saw Pattern Designer

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Scroll Saw Blog

Scroll Saw Blog

  1. It was a very tumultuous night here in Nova Scotia. I don’t think I heard wind like that in all the years that I had been living here. At least it was warm though, as we heard that nearly everyone located west of us was once again experiencing snow. I fully expected to wake up to more snow on the ground, but it is still very warm and raining.

  2. Yesterday I showed the new “Paris” plaque that I designed. I really enjoyed making it and I loved the simplicity of the design as well as the pretty fretwork frame. I really appreciated the nice comments that were made regarding it, as I always try to make something that is both fun to make as well as appealing.

  3. I found that I needed a couple of days to catch up with things. As our little business grows, with that growth comes a need to spend more time on the administration duties. I am not complaining about this at all, as I realize that it is part of the process and I am happy that so many people are interested and asking questions and learning.

  4. I almost didn’t write today. It was just one of those (fortunately rare) days when I wasn’t sure if I would have anything wonderful or inspirational to show or say. But I missed writing yesterday and I think that in some ways my not writing contributed to the ‘blah’ way I was feeling.

  5. Among other things, I finished my little bunny ornaments up yesterday. They were pretty much done yesterday, save for the fact that I needed to apply hangers to them so I could use them on my little ‘all season’ tree for the spring. I must admit – I sometimes get lax with keeping my tree decorated for the season.

  6. Well, I am finally in the home stretch of making my decoupage bunny ornaments. It isn’t that they were difficult or complicated to make, but there has been so many things that have come up in between that needed my attention that they have been sitting on the sidelines, patiently waiting for me to finish them.

  7. It’s funny how I have gotten into the habit of writing here every day. As I am approaching my fourth anniversary of starting my blog, I think of all the time and energy that I put into posting each morning here and it boggles my mind. If someone were to approach me four years ago and tell me that this was my ‘assignment’, I don’t think that I could have pulled it off.

  8. The weekend seemed to go by in a whirlwind. Finally it appears that we are getting above freezing temperatures and that the warmer weather may be here to stay. While it rained all day on Saturday, it was beautiful and bright and sunny and it looks as if today may be the same.

  9. I had quite a full day yesterday. However, I have no new pictures of my project to show you. For yesterday was one of those ‘maintenance’ days where I needed to get some everyday things done, take a breath and catch up with life.

  10. I don’t know why, but I think the long, cold winter has me longing for spring. Today is the first day of the week that the sun is shining, and there is not a cloud in the sky. While there is still a touch of frost on the grass, I find myself being grateful for each day that passes with no snow.

  11. Today’s post will be a short one. I was really thrilled that so many people commented on yesterday’s blog where I posted the “test” kitties using beautiful paper that I printed myself and 

  12. I’ll start off by saying that I am running late today. After getting up at 4am yesterday, I stayed up until after midnight and I guess something had to give because I didn’t get my butt out of bed until nearly 8am this morning! For me, that may as well be noon.

  13. It’s funny how even though we weren’t able to make the trip to Saratoga Springs, I still feel like I was falling behind with things. I think that all the planning and packing and anticipation of leaving home for a week really took a toll on me.

  14. Today is going to be a busy day. I spent my Sunday catching up on some things that I neglected. I was also researching some new designing possibilities which I am very excited about.

    There is so many new and exciting ways to create! The internet really opens a whole world of possibilities for us as far as creating.

  15. I must admit that I was feeling a bit low over the events of the past week. After all the build up and excitement of getting to see people and to teach – not to mention all the work that Keith and I did for the class – it was very disappointing for both of us when things just worked out in a way where we couldn’t make our trip.

  16. After the last couple of days of chaos, it seems as if things are settling down. Richard is looking a bit better, and acting a bit more like himself. I think the medicine is starting to kick in and he has been able to catch up on his rest and recuperate from his ordeal.

  17. Some things were just not meant to be.

    There are times in our lives when we have to make decisions that we don’t care to make.

  18. I thought it would be funny to name my blog with a term that has been thrown around here a lot these past few days. It seems the meteorologists needed to create new words to describe the storm that is soon upon us, as there apparently were not sufficient choices in the 1,025,109.

  19. Yesterday was not the best day. I will admit that.

    However – the day served an important purpose, as it was a glimpse for me as to how things could be if I permitted it to be so.

  20. There is a reason that I don’t have TV. I simply don’t like it. I don’t like turning it on and seeing the ‘voice of doom’ tell of what may be and attempt to frighten people into doing something or not doing something or well – just scare them.

  21. I must admit, I am not the best of traveling. While I like seeing other places and meeting new people, I find that prior to travelling I begin to feel rather anxious. After all, I like my home a great deal and I like the comfort of my daily ‘routine’ and the thought of changing that is rather unsettling.

  22. I reached a wonderful milestone yesterday. What may not seem to be a large deal to many, is huge to me. With only six days left until Keith and I head to Saratoga Springs, New York to teach at the Northeastern Woodworkers Showcase, I can look at what I need to be done and consider myself “ready.

  23. Since I am going to be spending the day writing, I thought I would share some photos of some of the beautiful ideas that my friend Anna had regarding one of our patterns. I always love to see what others do with our patterns, and Anna has always been adventurous and embraced many of the ideas that I have shown here in the blog as well as developed many of her own.

  24. I had a very full day yesterday, but I did manage to achieve my goal of finishing up the other two versions of the Hare Herb Garden Markers pattern that will be featured in the June issue of Creative Woodworks and Crafts magazine. I am very happy with the results, although it didn’t happen without hitting a couple of stumbling blocks and figuring out the processes that I used.

  25. OK – Now you all have that song going through your head. It was hard not to think of it all the while I was making this project.

    I don’t know what it is with me and bunnies lately, but I just have a lot of “bunny” ideas that I am thinking about.

  26. I had thought that I would be able to take a day off today and do some things that aren’t work-related, but after an email from my editor at Creative Woodworks and Crafts, I realized that it wasn’t going to happen. I had mixed up my schedule for what is going to be published, and I need to have my next project in the mail by Monday so it can make it to the magazine offices on time.

  27. We finally got our site updated yesterday. I say that with just a touch of exasperation because it seems like getting to this point took much, much longer than it should.

    It hasn’t been because I wasn’t working – as a matter of fact, I don’t think I have had a minute to ‘goof off’ in over a week! I think it was more that there has just been a lot of things going on and there have been many tasks that take time and needed my attention.

  28. I am off to a late start this morning so I will keep this short. It wasn’t that I slept in or anything like that, but I was going through my mail and reading and surfing the web and learning new things. I do that every morning before I come here to write.

  29. The majority of the day yesterday was spent organizing. I know that isn’t much fun to write about but so many times I am asked how I stay so organized and I want you all to understand that it doesn’t just ‘happen’ and it takes a lot of time to keep things in order.

  30. After taking a couple of days off from writing, I find it is time to get back to it. I was feeling a bit poorly this past weekend and I didn’t accomplish a great deal. I don’t get sick often, and I can’t even say if this was something that I would refer to ‘illness’ or perhaps it was just being tired.

  31. Well – I spent the day yesterday finishing up the other version of the little cookie cutter animal basket that I showed you a couple of days ago.

  32. I missed posting yesterday because I didn’t really feel that I had anything unusual or interesting to talk about . Things here have been really busy and I find that some days I just don’t have a lot of new information to share. I am coming up on four years of writing here now (I had to check – I thought it was only three!) and while I have many, many new readers, I sometimes feel that I am being redundant when I tell of the ‘routine’ things that I did on the previous day.

  33. Good day to you all.

    It had come to my attention that the links for many of the videos in my Lumberjocks online scroll saw class entries were missing.

  34. I woke up this morning to bright sunshine. I think it is a good indication as to how the day will be. I have so many ‘irons on the fire’ that I need to watch myself so that I can keep on a good track and accomplish as much as I can. So many times if I have a lot on the go, I get overwhelmed and find myself spinning my wheels in place trying to decide which direction to head first.

  35. I had a good and busy weekend. Even though we had some (more) snow delivered to our area, I made good use of my time indoors and made headway on my new designs and spent a couple of hours each night doing some needlework.

  36. I had a good day yesterday, working on a couple of different things at once. I have several new designs that I have been thinking about and trying to figure out which one to do first is sometimes the most difficult part of the process. 
    I find myself going round and round about each one and it finally gets to a point where I realize it and just stop and pick one and jump in and draw.

  37. Yesterday turned out to be what I would call an ‘organizational day’. Besides the normal chores around the house, I cleaned up my computer files and did some planning on the next projects. Our next batch of lumber had arrived at Bernie’s, so Keith took the trip to Digby and spent the morning cutting it into 10×10 pieces so we could continue to work on the second half of our kit order this weekend.

  38. Just when I thought that my hundreds of little summertime bunnies would bring with them the warmer weather, I awoke this morning to another four inch or so blanket of snow. Perhaps they are ‘snow bunnies’!

  39. Yesterday we had a wonderfully productive day. It had been a while since we had to do a large wholesale order, and I must admit that it was actually a lot of fun to do some ‘production type’ scroll sawing again.

  40. As I awoke today, a faint light already began illuminating the early morning sky. At first I was somewhat aggravated at myself, for I have a great deal to accomplish today and I had planned to get an early start. It has been several months since I had daylight when I first arose, but as I looked at the clock and saw that it wasn’t as late as I expected, I relaxed.

  41. I had a very busy weekend and I took a couple of days off of blogging. It wasn’t that I was being lazy, but probably just the opposite – I had so much to do that I wanted to get going early.

  42. Once again, I need to just do a quick blog today. I have been working on my computer all morning and it is already getting late. Today’s work will include typing up and sending out a newsletter announcing our new patterns and kits that are going to be available on the site.

  43. Today’s post will be quick like yesterday’s. I have been feverishly working on getting my new pattern packets ready for the site update (well – maybe not feverishly, but hard anyway!) I finished my little Easter egg tray pattern yesterday and it took most of the day to create the packet.

  44. PostIt appears that we have another layer of snow this morning. Winter surely seems to be having its fun with us all, doesn’t it?

    I have read so many complaints about the weather these past several weeks and I can’t help to think back to a few months ago when instead of complaining about the cold and snow, people were unhappy with the heat.

  45. Today I find myself looking for some interesting things to post about. Once again I find myself in the ‘writing phase’ of designing and I fear that there is not much exciting news to tell. There are many exciting thoughts floating around in my head though, so I am still enthusiastic and excited, but I don’t think there is much that I have to show you at this point.

  46. Most of you know that I am addicted to color. I love so many different color palettes and combinations that it is hard to pick a favorite. I suppose it depends on what mood I am in, but I love designing using beautiful ranges of colors from soft pastels to colors with great intensity.

  47. I woke up this morning to yet another round of snow. This time, it is accompanied by wind and you can barely see across the road to the river. I would almost call it a ‘blizzard’.

    This winter seems particularly brutal for many people, but at least for us here in Nova Scotia, we have had breaks of warmth and even rain in between the winter storms which continue to melt things down to bare pavement.

  48. I am running very late today because as I was going through my morning mail we lost power for a bit. I was rather surprised because even though we had rain last night, this morning is sunny and calm and actually looks like it will be a very nice day. Go figure . . .

  49. For those of you who have great intentions of getting certain tasks done, only to have “life” get in your way – you are not alone.

    For the past several days my goal has been to draw my next design so that I could get it cut and on the site.

  50. It has been a busy couple of days and I have spent them trying to catch up. I have wanted to start drawing my new design, but I haven’t had the chance to do that. There have been so many ‘miscellaneous’ things to do with the business that I just haven’t had the chance.

  51. One of Keith’s hard drives took its last spin it seems. And while we were planning a full backup within the next couple of days, this tragic event encouraged us to do so immediately. It has been since SEPTEMBER since we did FULL backups on our systems, and you could imagine how much information was added since then.

  52. I can’t believe that after getting up on time, it seems I am already running late! (It is just after 8am as I am writing, and so much to do today!) I spent the morning catching up on emails and so forth, as I took a day (partially) away from the computer yesterday to have a little break and accomplish some things.

  53. Today is going to be a very busy, but fun day! I worked yesterday on my new project and got much of the base things done on it and today is the “fun” part of letting my brushes fly and make it into something special. I hope to have things close to being ‘finished’ by the end of the day – at least to a certain point.

  54. I got started on a new projects yesterday. This one is going to be fun.

    The project is mainly geared for painters, but will be suitable for everyone.

  55. I must admit, I didn’t get any drawing done yesterday. We had sent out a newsletter on Tuesday and things were pretty busy for most of the day.

    Mind you – I am not complaining! It is really a great feeling to have such a positive response to an update.

  56. Today I am going to sound like an advertisement I fear, but Keith and I spent the majority of the day updating our website again and adding on the new designs we have to offer. Even though I sometimes feel like I am not accomplishing very much, I was very pleased to see all the new designs together.

  57. PoIt seems that we just did an update to the site a short time ago, but we have several new patterns and are adding them in today. I spent yesterday preparing them and getting my own ready for posting and Keith was doing the same.

    Today I will spend the day writing the newsletter, and then I will be moving on to begin designing some new scroll sawing projects.

  58. Is there really such a thing?

    I think I know many people who feel the way that I feel.

  59. Yesterday was a rather odd day for me. I found myself finishing up one project and kind of picking around with the next. I was a bit tired and achy (which is NOT typical for me!) and I was wondering if I was coming down with something.

  60. PostIn the past couple days, I have been speaking of many different ways to help your small businesses grow. Today I will post a short blog and talk about another avenue you can take – submitting projects to various publications and magazines.

  61. In keeping in line with the last few posts, I thought I would continue my thoughts on ways you can diversify your small businesses to boost your overall sales and appeal to many different audiences.

    Today I will talk a little about wholesaling.

  62. Yesterday I wrote about diversifying your small business and how important I felt it was that you have several related but different ways to earn income. I was pleased to hear from everyone how much people appreciated that idea. There are many different ways you can diversify into related fields and expand the scope of your business.

  63. I am often asked how I found my success by people who are thinking of starting their own business. I find this a hard question to answer, because the term ‘success’ means different things to different people.

  64. I had a fun, full and relaxing day of cutting yesterday. On Thursday, we updated our website and we have had a tremendous response from people who like out new items. Keith’s new patterns Napkin Holder Patterns have been selling very strong and my new little 

  65. The other day I posted a blog which showed the way I drilled vertically into thin stock. (#1227 Drilling a Vertical Hole Into Thin Stock) I heard many positive responses from people who thought the blog was helpful.

  66. Today’s post is going to be one that is a bit utilitarian, but I have had so many inquiries from people wondering when the new patterns will be available on the site, that I thought it best to answer it here.

  67. Oh, my goodness! The last several days have been FULL! The past several days I have put in at least 14-16 hours per day working on my new patterns and packets. Sometime around 9pm last night, I finally finished creating the two packets for the ballerina projects (one packet for painting them and the other for the woodworkers to scroll them out).

  68. After several days of making and showcasing new items, I find it somewhat anti-climatic to do the necessary writing and instructions for the pattern packets that will teach others how to recreate the project. However, it is a vital part of the process of designing (at least in what I design).

  69. As I sit here and try to think of something interesting to write about today, I am eager to begin my day. The last several days have seemed to go by in a whirlwind, as I have been so busy working on some of the new designs that I have thought of. It seems that no matter how early I begin, before I know it I look up and the sun is already setting and yet another day has slipped by.

  70. What a wonderfully busy day I had yesterday!

    Even though I arose early (just after 4:30) I got to work right away and remained focused for pretty much the entire day.

  71. Today’s blog will be quick and to the point. I awoke a bit early this morning and I am eager to get to work and (hopefully) finish up painting my little ballerinas.

    I had many requests from my painters that follow me to make the ballerina scroll saw pattern into a painting pattern.

  72. Yesterday seemed to fly by faster than usual. I had so many wonderful things to work on that even though I got an earlier-than-usual start, it seemed before I knew it time had slipped by me and it was dark and I was running out of steam.

  73. I am running late with my blog this morning. It isn’t because I was being lazy or slept late – actually it was quite the contrary, as I awoke at around 4:30 this morning and starting working – but it is because I was getting a great deal done and didn’t want to stop.

  74. Yesterday turned out to be another day that just got away from me, although I did accomplish quite a bit.

    I spent most of the day writing the instructions for the Bunny Toy Replica project that I had shown last week.

  75. Today’s post is going to be a short one. (I know – I ALWAYS say that!)

    I awoke a bit early today and I want to take advantage of the day.

  76. I felt that I had a good and productive day yesterday. I tied up a lot of loose ends on the business side of things and then I was able to spend some time at the saw cutting out my newest project. That is always a pleasure for me to do.

  77. A while ago I had an idea for a pattern.

    I don’t remember exactly what triggered it, but I thought it would come out cool and I was thinking about it ever since.

  78. Since I am in the drawing stages of my next design, I don’t have much to show you today. I hope to finish drawing today though, and perhaps I can even get to the saw and do some cutting.

    I did however come across something that you all may be interested in seeing and I wanted to share it with you today.

  79. I made the best of yesterday and surprisingly got a bit accomplished. The five little bunnies are hippity-hopping their way to New Jersey to the offices of Creative Woodworks and Crafts to be photographed for their article.

  80. With the five little bunny toys ready for their journey to the magazine for photography, my attention has turned back to finishing the box project that I worked on over the weekend. For those of you who missed, I used my new Chalky Finish Paint by DecoArt to transform this ugly wooden box:

  81. I frequently hear from my partner Keith that I create projects and then “make work” for myself. He says this because I am not really satisfied with creating one version of a project. If I envision the projects several different ways, I can’t help myself but to make them all.

  82. As the deep freeze continues to grip both Canada and much of the USA, we here in Nova Scotia have been very fortunate in that instead of bitter cold and snow, we are having rain. In looking at our weather service, it appears that although we are slightly below freezing today and may receive a small amount of snow, our temperatures will be nothing like the biting cold that much of North America has experience.

  83. What began as a storage solution turned into quite an interesting project. All weekend I was thinking of the phrase “necessity breeds invention” as I worked on the storage box for my new line of Chalky Finish Paint from DecoArt.

  84. There are very few woodworkers that I know that enjoy sanding. I am sure that there are some out there, but it seems that most of them really don’t like that part of the process at all.

    As usual, I don’t necessarily go along with popular opinion.

  85. You know you have a pretty good life when you wake up in the morning and there are so many (good!) things that you need to do that you don’t know what to begin with. I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me lately. It seems that more so than ever I have more ideas and projects in my head than time.

  86. We have all had those type of days where nothing seems to go right. You know how it can be. Something breaks. You forget something important. Things just seem to come apart at the seams as the day goes by. It isn’t fun and it happens to the best of us.

  87. Oh – I just had to laugh at myself . . .

    I got up early this morning (just before six – which is good considering that I have been sleeping until almost seven over the holidays) and I got to the task of doing some ‘house cleaning’ on my computer.

  88. As I close the door on 2013 and move into 2014, I am filled with hope and excitement.

    In many ways the past year was wonderful.

  89. As we close out another year, it is hard not to reflect back on what has passed and look ahead and wonder what tomorrow may bring.

    As with every year, 2013 had its good days and its not so good days.

  90. I have returned from my short time away. Although I didn’t really go ‘anywhere’, in my mind I had left on a wonderful adventure. I find that there are many ways to change things up – by reading and exploring and perhaps learning new things.

  91. In many ways this Christmas was different than Christmases past. Yet in some ways, it was familiar.

    As time goes on and yet another Christmas season comes and goes, I realize more than ever that life is constantly changing.

  92. I am going to ask you to visit my blog posted at lumberjocks today. It is one of my favorite blogs of all time and I think you will enjoy it.  Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for your friendships and support. :)
  93. I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The last several days have gone by faster than I can believe. Last Monday I sent out all of my packages and I thought I would pretty much coast through the next week. After all – all of my deadlines were met for my magazine and woodworking projects and since we are only have a small gathering for this holiday with our families locally, there isn’t much to do.

  94. It rained most of the day yesterday and also throughout the night, melting the six or so inches of snow we had on the ground and leaving an icy mess. The temperature seems to be hovering just above zero, which means that any precipitation will come in the form of ice or cold, and muddy rain.

  95. There are times such as this when I wish I never had to sleep.

    I find myself getting so wrapped up in my project that the days seem to pass at the blink of an eye.

  96. I feel as if I am slow in getting the blog up here this morning. I have been up a while, but have been picking through the many emails that I have here and looking at what others are making for their Christmas gift giving.

  97. Yesterday I pretty much finished up the last of the things that I needed to do for the Christmas holiday. Everything that I wanted to mail out had been posted and all the gifts that I had to get or make for my own giving here in Canada were complete. I still have some wrapping to do, but that should only take a short time and I will certainly get things done over the weekend.

  98. As the sun begins to illuminate the morning sky, I look out and notice that once again the snow is gently falling on us here in Nova Scotia. This time is isn’t the windy, violent type of snowfall that occurred the other day, but rather the soft, large flakes that gently float to the ground.

  99. We made it through the snow/ice storm unscathed.

    What began as several inches of snow in the morning, turned to falling ice pellets and rain by noon.

  100. As I write this morning, we are in the midst of what looks like a blizzard. We are not alone however, as I understand that much of the northeastern United States and Canada is also experiencing this storm. While they are calling for anywhere from 20-30 cm of snow with winds up to 80 kmh, some sources are saying that it will be changing to rain later on today, which will make it extremely messy/dangerous.

  101. We are in the midst of a snowy weekend here in Nova Scotia. Yesterday morning I woke up to about six inches of snow, and throughout the day we had several more fall. When we drove downtown to do our errands and go to the gym, there were times when you could barely see more than a few feet in front of you.

  102. I awoke this morning to several inches of freshly fallen snow, and it is still coming down as I write here this morning. While we have had an inch here or there in the past couple of weeks, this is the first significant snowfall of the year. 
    In checking on Facebook, there were announcements that all the area schools are closed, as we are supposed to get more snow throughout the day.

  103. I am going to have to write quickly today because I must admit that I am running a bit behind today. There is so much to accomplish and the hours and minutes are just relentless.

    We have had a couple of exciting days here.

  104. These past several weeks have been passing by like a whirlwind. There have been several deadlines to meet and that alone seems to have made time pass quickly. I usually find myself wondering where the day has gone somewhere around 4pm when dusk starts to settle in.

  105. Even though Keith and I usually don’t feel like we are adding a lot of new patterns, it seems that our product line is growing by leaps and bounds. Our “loose” goal is to put out a newsletter about twice a month introducing our new designs and letting people know what we are up to and while I thought that would be something that would be difficult to maintain, I find that the newsletter are never short of new items or announcements.

  106. As a “professional designer” and a craft person, it seems as if I am always creating things for someone else. Be it the magazine, items to sell, or gifts to others, it has been somewhat of a struggle for me to be able to justify taking some time to make some fun projects that I want to keep for myself.

  107. I spent much of the day yesterday preparing and writing pattern packets. I am just about done today, but I have a couple of ‘re-takes’ on some of the photographs. Then I will be good to go.

    After that, I plan on doing some “elf things” around here that I can’t really talk about.

  108. I had a wonderful fun and relaxing day yesterday. Although – my idea of ‘relaxing’ may not be what you are used to seeing.

    I had an early dentists’ appointment.

  109. I had to switch gears yesterday and jump from snowmen and snow globes to chicks and spring colors. I suppose that is part of what I really enjoy about my job – I am never working on anything long enough to be ‘bored’ with it.

  110. This past summer I had the privilege of joining an incredibly talented and inspiring painter named Terrye French in her group she formed called “Painting With Friends.” When painting for the group, we are given rough line drawings or sketches that Terrye drew up and we are then invited to take the idea and run with it.

  111. I often hear from people how much they wish they could be like me every day and just scroll saw or paint all day, every day. While I know that I feel very fortunate to be doing what I am doing, that isn’t always the case. Those of you who have been following me for any length of time realize that the actual scroll sawing or painting is only a small part of the process of owning your own business, and that those times are sometimes few and far between.

  112. After what seems like months (it really wasn’t!) I finally got back to drawing and I will be working on a new painting/wood design today.

    I know I have said that before recently, but “life” and a busy, growing business just got in the way.

  113. PostIt’s the month of December already and that only means one thing – Elf Mode.

    While it appears I am in Elf Mode every day, during the holidays it goes to a new level.

  114. I am feeling rather nostalgic today. As we move into the month of December – the final month of the year – I find myself looking back and reflecting on the many things that not only have transpired over the past eleven months, but also over the years.

  115. The last several days have been a bit unnerving for me. In the end, it turns out it was quite a scam, but it was still something that took my attention and troubled me nonetheless.

    As many of you know, I have been blogging here for over three years now.

  116. I had some personal things arise yesterday that need my attention. I am going to take a couple of days off of blogging here.

    I did want to with all of my family and friends in the USA a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.

  117. Thank goodness for my early mornings!

    I was so fortunate that I got so much done early yesterday.

  118. I always have the best intentions of taking some time off and doing some things that are not work related. It seems though that more so than not, that doesn’t seem to happen very often.

    This isn’t a complaint, mind you.

  119. I am just going to post a quick update today, as I still have quite a bit that I want to accomplish.

    I am working on writing the pattern packets for the new projects that we are in the process of adding to our site.

  120. I will get right down to business this morning because I have a LOT that I want to accomplish today!

    I pretty much finished up the new ornaments and today I need to write instructions for the pattern packet, as well as the ornaments that I showed earlier this week and the “Gloria” candle tray that was featured in the holiday issue of Scrollsaw Woodworks and Crafts magazine so I can get everything on the website and do the site update.

  121. It’s really amazing how many every day things we take for granted. Sometimes we are just so used to having things one way, we don’t appreciate it much until it is gone. I recently had an experience such as this.

  122. I am really thrilled at the overwhelming response of the ornament sets that I featured here over the past couple of days. For someone such as myself who works here from home, it is a great boost to hear so many positive responses from everyone. It lights my fire and makes me want to do even better!

  123. As I am writing this morning, the sky is a very light blue and it is filled with puffy clouds. The bottoms of the clouds are an incredible peachy/orange hue that blends into the peachy/grey tops. If I painted a picture like this, some would think it looked ‘fake’, as the colors are so unusual.

  124. To me, one of the best things I find with designing is that the only rules that I have to follow are my own. I think that is one of the main reasons that I became a designer in the first place. I never really followed along with rules.

  125. It’s getting to be that time of year.

    While I don’t mind sharing things here in my blog, there are some times when I simply can’t.

  126. I had another busy day yesterday, although it was a good one. Not only did I spend the afternoon cutting out my new ornaments on my new Excalibur (which was simply just FUN!) but I also spent the morning getting to work on my next pattern for another ornament set.

  127. Once again, the day passed with just a blink of an eye. It seemed like I sat down to draw, and then before I knew it, night had fallen and it was time for me to turn in. I couldn’t believe that time went by so quickly.

  128. I suppose that yesterday was a pretty straight forward day. I mapped out my new project and got to work on the drawing part of things. I felt as if I was slow in starting, but once I got rolling things went along nicely.

  129. The past month or so has passed in a blur, with a flurry of activity. It seemed that only yesterday we were getting ready to head to Chicago, stopping on the way in New York to teach a couple of classes, and now we are already midway through November. What a busy time it has been!

  130. In the crazy world of designing, as most of us are waiting for that first snow, my thoughts have been to green leaves, warm weather and singing birds.

    These past few days I have been working on my project for the March issue of Creative Woodworks and Crafts magazine, in which we are welcoming in the spring season.

  131. I am still working on the next project for the magazine. It is one of those that I have had to do some trial and error with to make things work and find the best way to do things. Sometimes experimenting takes a bit of time.

  132. As I look outside across the road to the river bank, I see the beautiful stillness of the trees. The sky is overcast and grey and the bare birch trees look almost highlighted against the green pine background. While some may find this time of year a bit desolate and bleak, I find it soothing and peaceful.

  133. While the weekend usually signifies the beginning of some time off of work for many people, for me it means jumping in and starting new projects. Not because I spent the week lollygagging – in fact, it was pretty much the opposite – but because after accomplishing a tremendous amount of organizing and weeding out of things I feel ready more than ever to get going on some new design work.

  134. Yesterday was another full day without a moment’s rest. By the evening, I was completely exhausted. It was dull and rainy outside as well which made it the perfect day to stay in and organize.

    I have come to the conclusion that we must be slobs because I spent the majority of the day sorting through things and reorganizing.

  135. I started out the day yesterday in one direction and before noon everything changed and I was doing something totally unexpected. Some days are like that though and it isn’t always a bad thing. Perhaps it was just the thing that I needed to get out of my fog and move ahead.

  136. I am finding myself having a little bit of a difficult time getting back into the ‘producing’ mode. With all the ideas that I have, I thought it would be easy, but I think I am a bit overloaded and I find myself in too many directions at once and having trouble on focusing on just one thing.

  137. What an invigorating day yesterday turned out to be! There is nothing like getting back to work and running full steam to really get you back in the swing of things.

    The day was full and busy from beginning to end.

  138. This morning I awoke before 5 am. When I saw what time it was on the clock, I almost turned around and went back to sleep. But I didn’t really feel tired anymore and I wanted to get started with my day so I stayed up and got busy with some things.

  139. After such a long time of being away from the computer (for me, anyway!) it seems almost odd for me to actually sit down and write. It is funny how we fall into and out of habits – both good and bad – after only a few short days.

  140. Yesterday seemed to go by in a blink of an eye. Both Keith and myself are working at top speed not only to finish our newest patterns for the projects and are heading to the magazine, as well as squeezing in a quick website update at Sheila Landry Designs and preparing everything we need for our trip.

  141. I wasn’t going to write today, as I am in the midst of the chaos of my little space here in “pre-trip” mode. As most of you know, we have a small place, and normally we keep it pretty organized. I like a clean environment to work, function and live and while I am nowhere near a “neat freak”, you can usually walk in on any given day and there is some resemblance of law and order.

  142. I didn’t quite get my new project finished yesterday. It turned out to be one of those days that I had one distraction after another and even though I did make progress, it isn’t really finished yet. That isn’t always a bad thing though. Sometimes distractions are there for a reason and I don’t feel at this point like beating myself over the head when at the end of the day I still accomplished quite a bit.

  143. Over the past week or so, things here have been moving fast and furious. Keith and I decided we were going to take a two to three week trip to Chicago and see my children (and meet my grand daughter) and stop along the way to visit friends and teach a class or two.

  144. Despite so many things that are going on, I was able to sit down and concentrate and get the drawing for my next project completed. It shouldn’t have been the task that it became, but there were just so many odd things going on that it seemed that I couldn’t get the job going.

  145. Yesterday was filled by doing lots of odds and ends. Among other things, I was trying to get some planning done for our upcoming trip to Chicago. I haven’t mentioned it much because things have been so up in the air about everything that it has seemed like things have changed every five minutes. It is a little unsettling to say the least.

  146. I often write about the importance of balance in our lives. I think the subject comes up so often (at least for me) because achieving balance isn’t something that just happens and then we are done with it. It is something that needs to be adapted as a lifestyle and attended to continuously.

  147. I had planned on finishing up my drawings for the next design that I am sending to the magazine yesterday. But with that new saw sitting in the corner there just BECKONING to me, there was no way that I could NOT spend some time on it!

  148. I know . . . I am a spoiled brat!

    At least I feel that way this morning.

  149. It’s funny how those appointments (no matter how early they are) can mess up the entire day. Yesterday I had an early eye appointment, and even though it only lasted for an hour or so, it took quite a while to get back on track.

  150. With autumn upon us and winter quickly approaching, like it or not there are things we need to do to get ready for the upcoming season. I find this time of year a good time to get everything checked and make sure all is well before the long cold winter.

  151. I’ll start out by admitting that I slept TEN hours last night. What the heck was that all about? I woke up sometime around 4am and thought – I’ll go back for a bit and the next time I awoke it was 7:30. Wow! Half the day was gone!

  152. Yesterday I spent the day lining up the next projects in my head for Creative Woodworks and Crafts magazine. While we are on the first day of October here, in the publishing world, they are getting to closing up the submissions for the March issue. I am used to living in this time warp, as I have been working with the magazine for over fifteen years now and I always seem to be living in multiple seasons at one time.